Smart City road map explained – Citizens suggestions sought


Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) Commissioner G Prabhu made a smart presentation on the Smart city project and how citizens can also be involved in same which is also one of the perquisites of he smart cities challenge.

Photo: Dinesh Patel

According to Prabhu, Central Government desires to accord top priority to e-governance, transparent and quick response pertaining to all citizen services, waste management, and financial health of local bodies among others. infrastructure elements in the Smart City would include adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, efficient urban mobility, affordable housing, sustainable environment, health, education and more. He clarified that the participation of the citizens will play an important role for availing success in the implementation of the programme.


The core infrastructure elements to develop the city into a Smart City consisted of adequate drinking water supply, assured electricity supply, proper sanitation and solid waste management system, efficient urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing especially for the poor, robust IT connectivity and digitalisation, good governance, e-governance and citizen participation, sustainable environment, good health and education facilities. That apart, safety and security of citizens, particularly of women, children and the elderly had to be ensured through effective governance, Prabhu added.

Area-based development will transform existing areas (retrofit and redevelop), including slums, into better planned ones, thereby improving livability of the whole City, he added.

Prabhu said that new areas (greenfield) will be developed around cities in order to accommodate the expanding population in urban areas. He informed that application of Smart Solutions will enable city to use technology, information and data to improve infrastructure and services. Comprehensive development in this way will improve quality of life, create employment and enhance incomes for all, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, he concluded.

Belagavi South MLA Sambhajirao Patil said that the Central and State government has given an opportunity to one and all corporators of BCC to unitedly think and put in efforts for the overall development of Belagavi by forgetting difference of opinion between them. `Do not just think till your ward limits. Go beyond it and think for the welfare of the city, for which you have got an golden opportunity called Smart City,’ he said.

Under the smart city project, three models of development could be taken to transform the existing city into smart city. Under Retrofitting model of development a minimum of 500 acres of the city would considered for development. Under the Re-development model : over 50 acres of existing built-up area would be considered for redevelopment while under the Greenfield and pan city development more that 250 acres of city green zone will be developed and smart solution will be adopted across the city adopting high technology he stated and urged people to actively participle for developing a better and comprehensive smart city plan.



  1. At present. All people, hawkers, vegetable sellers, passersby, vehicles, shops, everything everything are on the market road there’s. No footpath, no road for vehicles there is no entry for small passengers vehicles,,,, smart city means, black top roads illuminating lamps floating fancy boats in gutter water,
    smelling revers, and lakes, (city corporation flouting fancyboats to entertain citizens) what else?

  2. Wish list : 1. Total transparency and professionalism in all Govt Depts . 2. Active participation of Citizen in Govt spending excl matters of Security . 3. Representation of Citizen in preparation of yearly Budget . 4. Traffic discipline 5. Zero tolerance for corruption and Nepotism . 6. Reduction of Govt expenses and manpower . 7. Increasing productivity of Govt employees .
    I request Belagavi Citizen to come forward , form Committees and actively participate in improving the lifestyle . It is our city and we have to make sure Govt works .

  3. As much as possible increase in public tarnsport to avoid heavy trafic & use of private vehicle. Even public also co up with this it may lead to echofriendly

  4. Wow!! God must be very happy with our politician for giving them so much of more scope to eat money. Now they’ll dig even bigger holes on roads and some fine day Belgaum itself will be situated in a BIG hole and we’ll have to travel through submarines to reach our homes. I am excited!!

  5. I think the authorities concerned are better to design the smart city. But they will not do it properly as do not know what to do but to eat money and some who want something to do but they will not let them to do. Again God save the city.

  6. I am happy that Belagavi is on the list of smart cities. As the cOmmissioner has presented, this movement requires involvement of all the citizens. All need to contribute to make the project a success. A comprehensive approach should be made to find smart solutions fo various problems we as citizens are facing.

  7. First plan for the ring road, Tar road for all the area’s and Equally distribution of industrial area..
    You can utilize the non agriculture land for next industrial development.

    Better develop industrial area along NH 4 highway and near airport.

  8. Plz make ring road in belagvi and don’t allow any heavy vehicle to enter inside city road..that saves many lives at risk.and close the open pits after every rainy season.

  9. Sir,
    Smart city plan should give priority to Roads, sanitation, Electrictiy etc. and separate area to be provided to SSI, Medium and large scale industries. At present so many industries are there in middle of the city and in residential areas. Such industries should be re-located in proper area (outside city) , so that we can prevent sound pollution, traffic problem etc.

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