State seeks 4329 crores for Belgaum


The Karnataka State government has requested the the Centre to allocate Rs.4329.40 crores for the overall development of Belgaum city. In a letter to Dr.Manmohan Singh, BS Yedurappa has requested the centre to allocate these funds in the current budget as a special project and the state govt will also bear 10% of the costs.

The State requested these funds so that Belgaum could be transformed into a ‘City of the Decade 2011-2021.’

The PTI press release states, and we quote; “The project envisaged by the state proposes to provide citizens a safe and sustainable environment, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, service delivery, connectivity, and economic well-being, supported by an efficient governance framework.”



  1. hope for the best n keep the fingers crossed.. I hope these funds are used efficiently by the administration.

  2. Thats a real good news….I hope that the proposal gets approved and the funds are utilised for development of the city and not for the development of poloticians and bureaucrats…Wishing all the Luck to all the people involved in the project……………

  3. Both karnataka and maharashtra must think Belgaum is a developing city & must forget the past and contribute equally(50/50).. There will be lots of peace then. Local Residents of Belgaum will be benefited if it gets funds from both the states 😉

  4. Yes…
    So that he can keep the 4000 crores for his overall development and 329 crores can be used to develop Belgaum City…

  5. tats a good initiative by state from the state government.. But need to wait and see wat the centre has to say.. I just hope the MPs from Maharastra don't try to block this process… Belgaum, our beloved city, deserves a lot…….

  6. Well now all depends upon our honourable PM to sanction it (hope he does),
    Belgaum was supposed to get IIT, but it was taken away to Veerappa Moily's constituency.
    Hope this project doesn't end up in different city as all other projects did earlier.


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