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Station road could be closed

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The Ministry of railways has sent a letter to the Cantonment Board asking permission for blocking the Station road (Amba Bhuvan to stationrdRailway station) citing the renovation of the Belgaum railway station.

The complete face off of the station is planned and for the same the railways need more space and as the said road passes through the railway owned property the cantonment board is also in a fix.

The said road was supposed to be repaired in the next month, all that has been put on hold.

This road is a short cut for many coming and going to bus stand etc from Tilakwadi. If the said road is closed for traffic it will cause a lot of hardships for the common man.

Source: Tarun Bharat

1 thought on “Station road could be closed”

  1. Hi everybody
    Isn’t it wonder full to have Bigger Rly. St. that we`ve been dreaming for.
    I have been to the stn. lots of time when i am returning to B`lore, there is so much crowd that some time u cant catch ur train that if ur alone but if ur with a family only God will help u! especially from 6 pm. to 8 pm. when the Goa Exp. goes to Delhi.
    And about the road we have to ask the Rlys. to provide access.
    Let`s say a entry from the defunct theater near the petrol bunk on the telephone exchange road & this road is nearly 100ft. wide, we can also have a entry for the bus stand which is there in front of the stn. by widening the approach road from petrol bunk to stn.
    Or a new rd. to be carved out from the Military land where we use to see Circus but there would be a problem with the defense people also with the KPTCL building (Amalgamated Co. Bldg.)
    Anyway i woul love to see a Bigger Rly. Stn. then we can dream a starting point for BGM to M`bai & BGM to B`lr train services
    Thanks Guys


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