Stiff resistance against RPD road widening


The corporation has gone ahead with the marking on the houses and shops along the RPD college road. The centre of the existing road was taken and 40 feet on both sides was marked which made the residents a bit uneasy and said that nothing should be done without their consent and until they get full compensation.

Still nothing has been decided about the compensation for the persons who will lose their property. The said road has been sanctioned under the special grant of 100 crore and the money can be spent only on the road and not as compensation. The city corporation can easily say that we have nothing to do with it and we cannot compensate.

The residents on Monday will submit a memorandum to the commissioner in this regard. The residents are angry in the manner in which the whole process is being under taken. Residents demanded that first make the ring road and then widen this road. First complete all incomplete works in the city and then come here. As this road has colleges the rush is only until 4 pm and 3 months when there are no classes this road is bare. Residents are ready for the road to be widened to 50 feet but not 80 feet.

Now it is left to be seen how the residents approach this matter and how the authorities handle this. Going to the court for a stay was also on the cards of the residents.


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  1. I suggest the Corporation of city of Belgaum ,to construct a shopping cum cultural complex at Kalamandir to accomodate RPD SHOPKEEPERS and then start widening of Khanapur Road upto 100m wide.

  2. I am not biased towards residents or corporation, but if they have voilated encroching the road, no question of compensation should ariase and corporation should go ahead of demolution and yess full 80 feet, if this is later plan by corporation then they must compenstae the residents.
    I do believe it is genuene first to complete the ring road and lay divider on the main road of RPD cross from staion jucntion to Goaways till 3rd gate


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