Still a bumpy welcome to Belgaum

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On Sept 15 A bumpy welcome to Belgaum I had made this post.

Nothing much has changed over the past 2 months other than some bolders being put on the road but still it’s a dusty and bumpy ride from road leading to city at NH4 (road which leads to  KLE).

The Belgaum authorities do a great job when some high profiler or big politician is coming to town. Dividers are washed, painted but the entrance of the city, Who cares? Most of the MP’s MLAs travel by air so they take the Hotel Shankam route or if they took the railway no question arises.

It’s we the common people who come in from that road and we will have to suffer I don’t know till when. Until then have a bumpy ride.
Images are not very clear as they are taken on mobile.

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