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Belgaum ATS sleeping: Waiting for a Attack on the city

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Those 60 hours everyone was glued to the TV screen to know what’s happening in Mumbai. Now that one chapter is over and the 2nd rounds of political deaths around have a look at the Belgaum ATS.

We have yet been not a part to an attack but no one in this country is safe, now that Mr.Chidambaram is home minister we should just hope that he brings down Terrorism just has he brought down Share prices.

Though Belgaum is a known ‘sleeping cell’ for Islamic terrorists, the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) located in the city doesn’t have the teeth to fight or tackle possible terrorist attacks.

Established about six months ago, the ATS staff does not possess modern weapons, bulletproof jackets or even the necessary vehicles. Even the staff is not trained to the required standards to face terrorists. Then why call it ATS?

The ATS does not have a separate office from where it can work. At present, the civil police staff is used for ATS operations. It does not also have a professional informers’ network.

Belgaum is believed to be a ‘stopover’ for terrorists going to or coming from Mumbai. ATS sources confirmed to this website’s newspaper that often, terrorists come to Belgaum to hide, after bomb blasts in Maharashtra.

Belgaum has been a den of terrorists since long. The arrest of terrorists – Liyaquat Abdulganni Sayyed, Naseer Ahmed Liyaquat Ali Patel, Nadeem Abdul Raheem Sayeed, Imtiaz Dalayat, Ijaz Hussain, Tanveer Mulla, Iqbal Ahmed Jakati and several others in Belgaum, while they were planning to cause violence in the city as well as in the district, speaks volumes about the growing terror activity in the region. During interrogation, they revealed that terrorists had also planned to blast a polling booth near Tilakwadi during the 2008 Assembly elections. One of the top terrorists Dr Munroz, who was arrested in Indore a couple of months ago, hails from Belgaum. A more shocking revelation was that these terrorists had also planned to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi when he addressed the public in Belgaum during the Assembly election campaign.

Even after such serious developments, the state government has not woken up. They are not trained even to identify terrorists, let alone fight them. A senior officer told to this website’s newspaper that the staff posted for ATS were mostly those considered ‘unwanted’ in the police department or those transferred as a means of punishment.

In case of a bomb threat, the ATS staff does not have the expertise even to detect explosives. Though they have the necessary equipment, they are not trained in their use.

ATS has just 11 members, a ridiculously low number, given that it is there to fight high-profile terrorists.

Sources said that the ATS had already submitted a proposal to the Home Minister requesting him to provide modern weapons and bulletproof jackets for the staff, apart from increasing their numbers substantially with trained personnel. Its proposal, however, is lying in cold storage.

After reading all this you will feel ashamed on any government, its only acts when something happens. All governments have been reactive, they should be proactive. They will only get up when something happens. Wake up politicians, WE need security, you live in full fledged security but what about the common man.

Your thoughts are a must please comment; speak out, if you don’t speak now you will never then.

Source: Express Buzz

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