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Its stretch and pull for the elderly at Shivaji Garden

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elderlyparkBELGAUM: Get set for a morning workout under the open sky instead of just walking around. 

The Shivaji Garden one of the better maintained public gardens in the city has some great additions made for the elderly. Keeping in mind about improving fitness levels among the elderly, the installation of the equipment was done here in March before the elections.
But the same was never inaugurated and the elderly are already using it.
The estimated cost of the equipment is about 20 lakhs and it is free for use for the elderly.


The equipment includes shoulder wheel, pulley and steps, which stretch and relieve tautness in the shoulder, neck and upper back muscles as well as hip joints and thigh muscles.

Though there have been many parks established in the city, few have good facilities. Installing of such equipments is necessary in other parks as well and most importantly, the installed equipments must be utilized in the correct manner. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the park is set to revolutionise the concept of healthy living in the city.
Similar equipments have been fitted in Bangalore as well and the response to the same is very encouraging. 


2 thoughts on “Its stretch and pull for the elderly at Shivaji Garden”

  1. Her ein Germany and our tours around Europe we find such equipment in public places. Very Happy to see them in our Shivaji garden. I have grwon up playing in this garden and it is very special to me.
    Thanks AAB for the update

  2. It is indeed laudable that at least one park in the city is being used for the reasons it should be. However, one word of caution for the elderly people availing of these facilities. If embarking on this exercise for the first time, it is better to get a medical clearance to do so. Secondly, these stretches need to be done with the correct method. Otherwise it could lead to injuries.


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