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Suvarna Soudha to be complete by April 25

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Chairman of the Karnataka Legislative Council D.H. Shankaramurthy inspected the progress of works on the Suvarna Soudha building at Halga-Bastwad and said that the Suvarna Soudha would be completed by Arpil 25, 2012.

As of now 95% of the civil works are over and the landscaping, interiors, lightning etc is in progress.

It is very likely he said that the monsoon session of the legislative assembly could be held in the new premises if all goes on time.

From today a report of the works would be sent to the Legislative council every 10 days.   SuvaranasoudhaMar10

0 thoughts on “Suvarna Soudha to be complete by April 25”

    • Its not Yeddy…. It was HDK who was CM when this was initiated. Belgaum definitely had gained during his tenure… Yes you are true Congress hasn’t done

  1. Yet another joke……I bet it will not be complete by April 25th….I don’t realize what is the point of declaring unrealistic dates??? They had already given such dates before but with no completion…I hope this work gets completed soon:)….Finally, happy to see govt fulfilling at least one promise made for Belgaum…..

    • Bilkul sahi bola, Karnatka govt ZUARI industry ke 40 karod Rs ke kar baithi hui hai abhi tak land alot nahi kiya. yeh indusrty karib 15,000 naye rozgar uplabdh kari wali hai….

  2. Yes infact HDK had better vision for Belgaum though, but both father son party is on verge of collapse due to the misdeeds for being power hungry, Yeddy is the most crying sort of politicians ever seen, all he have is some RSS backing but he is not the right person to govern, I dont see any administrative quality in him, Mr Shetter is that way one good politician, people should learn from his efforts of change done around in Hubli and Dharwad I envy this perosn wish some politicians from Belgaum would have been ambitious like him..Belgaum would have on some better heights, it is only people of Belgaum who have kept is glory high in the domains of education and industries our elecetd representatives are good for nothing.

    • Right Satish! The major draw back with our city is we do not a a strong dominant politician neither at the country nor state level and just to worsen the situation some local politicians who are interested in dividing people on the basics of language…doing some petty things..organizing black days etc…

    • Our elected representatives are busy organizing dance & singing competitions, cricket tournaments, holi festival…… They think they got elected just for ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT & ENTERTAIMENT …..!


  3. Finally it wil ready wil it make any changes to Belgaum ppl or city .??
    MP,MLA’s watch porn in this beautiful building is this reason
    why they building it Shame on U politicians Grow up see other BJP’s State
    i would say Hats of To Bihar city
    they changing their state fate even u are Spoiling our state name

  4. Looks AMAZING… Good one .


    Why so negative always?

    @ Prasad and Satish

    How can you predict the future so badly ? Those who have watched Porn were B**st*r*s,, but it stops at Bangalore,, Dont link it to our Sodha,,,

    • Mahnatesh
      I am not sure of which comment being negative of mine, I am extrimley delightful for Suvrna Vidhan Saudha at Belgaum , but what purpose will it serve just a legislative session for twice in a year for 15 to 20 days , beyond that the second capital status need to be achieved with following things
      1) Direct rail connectivity to Banglalore ( Belgaum Dharwad double line via Kittur) all trains north bound in N Karnataka to be terminated at Belgaum. and Savantwadi Belgaum Bagalkot Riachur rail line.
      2) Get back all divisional and reagional level offices of Belgaum transfered to Dharwad/Hubli belongs to Belgaum revenue division.
      3) Also buses(Your Story) and develop 4th depot at RT Nagar and 5th depot for south suburab of Belgaum @ station complex , including fecilities for Kadamba ( Goa govt transport) using Beglaum as gateway for tourist.
      4) Belgaum Goa four lane highway
      5) Belgaum Gokak Bijapur Gulbarga national Highway

      There are many more but who would initiate to infuse this in Belgaum’s elected representatives, excpet one excpetion of Porn hungry laxman Sandi

      • Hi Satish

        I can Understand all your words, but we must grow step by step, Its all takes years, Thiank beyond 5-10 years what we had ? and what has city got today, we are growing..

        Think beyond the limits and boundries when the Karnataka state administration is moving to our city with second capital tag (expected) why dont things get change ?

        I am with you,, lets do together better for Belgaum…
        what say ?

        and it was negative when Prasad said or asked
        “MP,MLA’s watch porn in this beautiful building is this reason
        why they building it ”

        Hope I am correct ….

        • Not offeneded with anything, I 100% share all your views and ideas , endorse your thirst for Belgaum’s growth, but feel soewhat sad for many things not happening , the development I see in and aroound Belgaum.
          Mammoth 20 years to make Belgaum university a reality (still 100 crore project for infrastructre on paper), and same was the case of RMRC (regional medical research centre).
          Railways are basic infrastructre for commuting, you will get another shock after watching todays budget nothing for Belgaum yet. Our Busses are moved to other cities,
          Unfortunately What Prasad has said is but a true fact about our MP’s and MLAs …
          Last 6 years no one have come up to implement the CDP 2005 ( City devlopement plan) ….the tale is endless since there is no sync with groth and devlopement strategy for Belguam by Govt and our so called elcected non-aggressive leaders of Belgaum , despite I have given blue prints for required growth and devlopement to our district administration and MPS of Belgaum no use till date, or else Vidhan Soudhd will just remain a show peice of all talk and no action.

  5. Indeed it looks grand. Had visited Belgavi last week and the sight is breathtaking… Welcoming all the people’s representatives of our state to our city for the sessions in the future.

  6. It was really nice to read all the comments on this topic. Specially the comments of Satish and Mahantesh. Very good to see people so involved with interest to see this city develop. I also want the city to grow fast than it is actually growing like Satish wants it with doubling of Bgm-Dwd rail line or a straight track, Bgm-Goa 4 lane. Ring road to Bgm and many more things. But also let us be positive and give little more time to it all happen as said by Mahantesh.
    ABB team and (Mr. Uday) please put an article on the Belgaum CDP 2005 with blue prints as Satish has it he says, the latest if possible. Lets make Belgaum grow and reach great heights. Cheers !

    • Hi Chetan thanks for your appraise, but for sure I know there are many young minds in Belguam intersested to see a sustainable growth of Belgaum city without loosing its charm of greenary ,like Mahntesh also Rajeev and offcourse our ABBWALA Uday I am ready to share the blue print may be a bit too big in size, sowe can have some common storage link to post our blue prints and can make ammendment based structure with specific editing rights to update the blue print also.. but it doesnt stop here it needs to reach people in public representation and administrators who will make some right decisions for us or else like ring road is still to develop , already some MP and MLA have grabbed up large tarcts of land for future real estate projects.

  7. Hi Chetan

    thanks for your words and appriciation…

    Instead of fights on some faltoo issues we can share some good ideas on this blog…
    @ satish

    share your plans and thoughts here…lets work together for something better.


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