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These isolated villages get power from Solar

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Even today there are many hamlets like Talewadi, Horda, Krishnapur and Mendil in the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary jungles of Khanapur which have not seen electricity till date. But now there is some glow in their life with the help of the Solar power. The solar power plant was commissioned just before the model code of conduct came into effect and now these 4 hamlets get some kind of power. All the mentioned hamlets come within Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary limits, restriction are more in there for safety of wildlife.

There are no proper roads, schools, hospitals or drinking water, during the rains many of these get isolated as the roads go underwater for as many 3- 5 months.


But with the eye on the elections local politicians saw to it that this solar power plant was commissioned before the model code of conduct was in force. Only 4 wheel drive can take you to these hamlets.

 The solar system can hardly satisfy the needs of the villages but even with this very little power supply they take it as a blessing. Every house has two bulbs and they glow sufficiently as of now.

Villagers have been demanding proper power supply but the authorities said it is not feasible. Power can be supplied only by underground cables. The forest department also has not allowed use of power cables due to various reasons and safety of wildlife.

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