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This is how Belagavi Central bus stand will look after up-gradation

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Foundation stone laid for Modern Bus station at Belagavi was laid on December 3, 2016 and now it seems the works will begin from January 26, 2017. Work has been going on a steady pace.

MLA’s Abhay Patil and Anil Benake visited and reviewed the work and asked the contractor to complete the work within the time period stipulated that’s December 2019.

cbt belagavi new lookcbt belagavi new lookcbt belagavi new look

Contractor: Mansaram Vikram Pawar (HARSH CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD )
Time required: 24 months
Cost: Rs.32,48,54,759.59

The project includes construction of new modern bus station, covered accommodation, Parking Area pavement concrete, City bus shelter, Water supply, Sanitary, Electrical H.T. Works, Wiring, lighting, fire fighting etc., as directed by the Engineer in-charge of work.

The project site (CBT and divisional Workshop) the current bus stand it self. The existing Belagavi Central Bus Station of NWKRTC is located in the heart of Belagavi city on an area of 3.08 acres. The adjacent NWKRTC Divisional Workshop is located on 4.68 acres.

The new bus stand will have 41 bus bays, bus circulation and parking areas, auto-rickshaw lane, taxi parking lane, basement parking for private vehicles, passenger entry/ exit, Terminal building consisting of passenger circulation and waiting areas, ticket/ reservation counters, cloak room, first-aid room, waiting rooms, passenger amenities like drinking water, toilets, yatri nivas etc., restaurant, shops, kiosks and administrative offices, crew restrooms, parcel office and other facilities.

9 thoughts on “This is how Belagavi Central bus stand will look after up-gradation”

  1. The PLAN is Good wastage of Money. I Think We citizens had never faced any problem inside the Old Bus stand except the roads, which i believe they would have done with Concrete roads.
    But the “Main Concern” is not Inside the Bus Stand, Its OUTSIDE the Bus stand.
    Who is going to Plan about the traffic outside. Its WORST situation outside, We common people are suffering daily and are struck outside in traffic. There is no Place even for Walking people near the Bus stand.
    I think the Situation will become WORSE in future until its properly planned right now itself.
    The IB(Inspection Bunglow) is Occupying so much unnecessary open space, why cant they utilize that space for reducing the traffic & shift the IB to Suvarna Soudha. If this space would had been of any poor people/ Private property, then the Authorities would had demolished till now. But UNFORTUNATELY it is not.
    Hope we Belgaumites realize this important “TRAFFIC CONCERN” and start raising our voices right now before its too late.

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  3. It’s good some or any how we are getting development done press the government pressure the MLA creates some development forever


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