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Youth dead after he is washed away in flash floods near Bhutramanhatti

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In a very unfortunate incident one person was washed away while another was saved from a flash floods near Bhutramanhatti next to NH 4.

In the evening after heavy rains there was a flash floods in which two persons who were going on a bike were standing under a tree and with sudden flash floods, two persons were washed away one was rescued while one dead body of Imran Nadaf (24) was recovered. Ameer was rescued.

The person in the VDO is Ameer who was saved.


2 thoughts on “Youth dead after he is washed away in flash floods near Bhutramanhatti”

  1. I Saw the Video & felt really upset that despite of people asking for help
    “NO VEHICLE IS Bothered about whats going on & trying to stop”.
    Humanity if Lost nowdays,,,Its Strange to see.
    Where are these so called HUMANS heading without HUMANITY !!!

  2. Humans without humanity are all over Belgaum. More so in Tilakwadi. They come out only to scream in favor of their Marathism. Fraudulently harass women and eunuchs clapping around in Nanawadi. Was a victim of Domestic violence there and screamed for help, no one came. In Bangalore it would have pulled a crowd of neighbors eager to help.


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