Traffic Cops trying to get traffic right at Globe circle


After the recent accidents near the Globe circle, the traffic cops are busy at the circle putting up dividers making use of the barricades and also diverting traffic.globe

Now when one comes from SBI bank towards Bogarves, one could turn right in front of Globe theatre but now that has been blocked and you will have to take the road ahead and turn right from the road next to Cantonment office. All these arrangements are of preliminary nature and the cops are trying to assess the in what way the traffic will move smoothly.

The basic problem here is that taking a right from Globe coming from SBI is very difficult and one has wait in the centre of the road till you get a chance to put yourself through.

One more point is that coming in from Convent school towards Globe is quite messy and sometimes you have to wait for 3-4 minutes to get a clear road to cross as there is no traffic cop there.

The best thing is on this circle are the traffic lights which are there not in a working condition for over a year now, God only knows why they were installed.

The cops are trying to ease the traffic but to be frank its causing more chaos there.


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  1. The cantonaments thughs need some lesson now, It is not only the duty of local cops for managing traffice , the cantonment should come forward to establsih a traffic lights with local authorities and more ever this are falls under cantonment, the road from Bogarves to SBI is still not been put with divider, why cantonment slept over it so long , this Chairman only Knows ( What would he do , they keep geeting transfered and changing)


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