We want Ring road –wait for many many years matter is in court


A city and its citizens demand good infrastructure and the government in its normal way decides to implement a project which was made years ago and when finally at the implementation stage something else crops up and matter goes to the court and when the court will decide no one knows and we citizens have to dream about a project being completed.

All the above is true for the project of RING ROAD in Belgaum. It was once said to be the most important project for Belgaum and its development. But since its plan on paper nothing has moved even a millimeter on ground.

Belgaum ring road planned in two phases.

Total ring road length 38 kms.
Ring road breadth 100 feet
285 acres of land needed
Rs.1425 lakh for land acquisition
Ring road total expenditure Rs.30 crores

10 years ago, the plan for the ring road was prepared. Imagine, since ten years nothing has happened on ground; only papers have changed places and this road, which will be a boon to traffic, will remain a dream.

In 2006 a Jaipur based company was awarded the contract but even before the work could commence the urban development ministry cancelled the contract and gave it to state road Development Corporation. And here it all began, the never ending story of court cases and we having to wait for a period not known.

The Jaipur Company rushed to the High court and the court stood by the Jaipur based company. After this citizens felt now all will be good, but it was not to be, the Belgaum authorities challenged the court decision in a higher court. And still the matter is under hearing. When it will be heard and when it will be disposed is not known. But we as citizens have to wait and wait.

The project estimate must have increased many folds from 2006. The number of vehicles has also doubled since 2006. Increased traffic on NH 4 A, of heavy trucks commuting caused accidents almost daily and many have lost their lives.

If the ring road existed, the movement of traffic would have been much smoother as the heavy trucks going from Kolhapur to Goa would take the ring road.

The Karnataka state budget 2009-10 states that Ring road facilities will be provided to Belgaum with private participation during 2009-10. Hope this happens.

So what can we do?

We should ask our elected representatives to look into the matter on a urgent basis and get the matter solved. But it seems even they are not interested in this.


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  1. Our elected representatives will be busy in fighting to see whose contractor gets the booty so that they can have their share of public-money.
    We all saw how the Netas including corporates were fighting over the Rs.100 Crore sanction/grant that the city had received for development. If any one of them had a good intention the ring-road would have been a reality by now…. alas we are yet to look for a true leader.

    Any one aware of invoking the RTI clause to make the concerned authorities to answer this?


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