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Big scandle running in Belgaum Railway Station pre-paid auto

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It was somewhere around about Feb-2011. It was a beautiful Saturday morning.
Time was just half passed nine. I was happy to breath the smell of our
lovely Belgaum. Rani Chennamma was late that day by 15min, but that didn’t
matter as landing in Belgaum makes u forget everything. My house was just 15
minutes walk (approx. 2KM) from the railway station, but eagerness to reach
home early was always in mind. I planned to hire an auto as it may just cost
me Rs. 20/-.

Even the Govt. is fed up by negotiating with Auto unions everywhere in the
State. Its good they have come up with a plan to help the citizens with
pre-paid auto service. Because negotiating with fares with an auto drive is
like fighting with a group of communist’s. I hope every single person had a
personal experience.


With a singe small bag in hand, I planned to use pre-paid auto at least
once in life time since I always use pre-paid auto service in Bangalore. I
just searched for a Re.1/- in my pocket and found a Rs. 2/- coin. The scene
around was like hell, people with heavy bags were struggling with the auto
drivers to negotate for a fixed price to their destination. I felt, Why do
people still struggle so much when govt is helping us by providing pre-paid
service. I could see some auto drives in a group near the pre-paid counter.
Hardly 3-4 autos were in the Queue. I happily started walking towards the
pre-paid counter.

A civil dressed person came running to the counter and entered the small
room where pre-paid service is provided. I asked him where is the Traffic
Police, is it not that the Traffic Police handles this counter as it happens
in Bangalore. He replied, ‘No, here I only take care of this counter’. He
asked, ‘Where I want to go ?” I replied, “I need to go to Tanaji Galli’. He
asked, “Which Tanaji Galli? Gandhi Nagar or near Sambaji Ground”. I said,
“Near Sambaji Ground”. He asked me to pay Re.1/-. I gave him Rs.2/-. He said
he had no change. I said its OK.

He printed a ticket with an Auto Rickshaw No. and called a Auto
Driver pass-by and said, Customer wanna goto Tanaji Galli.
IĀ  took the ticket and just went through as to see what is written and how
much they are charging me. I was shocked. I read it twice, it mentioned my
destination was Mal Maruti and fare was 45 Rs. I went back to the counter
and asked i wanna goto Tanaji Galli and not Mal Maruti. The person replied,
All rates are same, Mal Maruti and Tanaji Galli all costs the same. I was
angry, i said my destination is hardly 2KM from here, then why do i need to
pay so much. He said, if u wanna go u get in the auto or go by walk. By the
next moment around 6 auto drivers joined him and asked him whats the matter.
He described what all happened. The Auto drivers started argiving with me.
They said “Subha Subha dhanda maat bagado, anna hai tho aao nahi to chalte

I turned around to find a police, I saw a traffic police at the gate and
narrated him the full story. My god, he said he can’t help me. I was
shocked. I asked why. He didn’t reply anything.
I forgot to read the policeman’s name on his batch.

I threw away the ticket and started walking out of the station. I hired an
auto out side the old KEB office. I asked the auto driver who was an old
man, Do u wanna come to Tanaji Galli? He replied yes, I asked how much? He
said 25Rs. I said 20Rs. He agreed.

I discussed with him about what happened. He said this happens daily, there
is no one to ask them (pre-paid people).

Hmmm somehow I reached my house with my mood off.

I feel we need to fight back and find whats wrong in that place. We need to
find who is behind all this mess which is been happening for past many days
or months or may be years. even today Auto-drivers are looting people and no
one is fighting back. we need to fix this issue to make Belgaum a lovely
place to stay.

By Brahmanand Chipre

CPI Traffic has replied to this post on the TPB page—–Auto pre-paid running by Railway dept.its their jurisdiction,and men in white working near railway station are not traffic police they are all railway police men.

Disclaimer:This is a letter written by Mr.Chipre to AAB. We still dont know if same is still going on.if anyone else faced a smiliar incident please share.


14 thoughts on “Big scandle running in Belgaum Railway Station pre-paid auto”

  1. do raise this to so called rto, or even to sp on fb, who has promised to help in such issues..

    may be some corporator or mla behind this as its one of the easiest way to make money..


  2. I still wonder why the hell the auto drivers still keep the meters when they don't even use it… And they get timely updates when the fuel prices hike, but never even speak a word when the prices go down……

  3. No one raise their voice against these auto drivers because they are UNITED!!! and we all know that UNITY IS STRENGTH..
    Even sometimes strength needs corruption too šŸ˜‰

  4. there are no policemans to help the passengers coming from outside, the same exprience is happen with me nnear belgaum station during may of this month , on the way to bhogaras. when we seat in the auto he told me thirty Rs,after going to destination he took fifty Rs from me we need all passengers have to take a strictly objections against thes chor autowalas.

  5. Bitter facts

    The other side we write here so much, feel proud of being Belgaumites ,, but on the other side people like auto drivers,, and some other uncultured fellows always try to bring the image of Belgaum to the grounds,,

    Being localities we only suffer so much, Imagine how these people may rob those who visit Belgaum for some official work or for some counseling… they totally spoil the meaning of ATITHI DEVO BHAVA…

    though being a proud Belgaumite some times I feel guilt to see the lack of hospitality in our people..

    We must learn to be in harmony,,, but dont know when this character will reflect in all class people..

    Brahmanand.,, better put a copy of this to SP.. lets see how he responds.

  6. its the same thing that happens every time, i have faced the same thing. i have expressed this on this blog as well as Traffic Police Belgaum's FB page. Uday if you can lead us, we can have a written memorandum submitted to the SP to make meter compulsory. the police needs to check auto rickshaws than licenses and number plates of citizens.

  7. We should ask a very simple and straight forward QUestion to the Auto Guys when they QUote some Out of the Blue Fares while Hiring it.

    I am Not asking your Auto's Sale Rate , but the Fare of the HIre i am going to do !

    Better to replace BMW Taxis (Like the ones in Mumbai or Bengaluru) for these old polluting Bajaj Autos as the Fares are almost the same. Atleast one will get the comfort deserved for the Fare being paid now for these bloody Auto walas.

    But there are exceptions , there are some good Auto walas who are Ex-army Men , i have seen some personally. Thats the only silver lining is what i see for the Belagavi Auto walas.

  8. The auto/rick problem is nothing old in Belgaum. Its there on from ages. There is sure adjustment of Auto Drivers and traffic policemen. One dosen't need to be genius to understand this.

    As auto drivers are getting more arrogant day after day even after paying what they demand.

    I think now the people only have to do some think about this. Like boycott autos.

  9. The worst auto – rickshaw drivers r all born in Belgaum!!! i stay in guruprasad Nagar….nd wheneve i cum to bgm frm sum place!!! i always face the same prob nd always end up payin 20-30 rs more !!!

  10. hello,, first tell me ,, if u live in tanaji galli use your legs ,,, not waste your money,,, and now a days cost of living is soaring high ,, and your simply making this one issue,,

    • you sound like an auto fellow, šŸ˜›
      regardless we are not here to discuss where and how to use legs and wheels.
      one who come from outstation always carries luggage, do you expect them to walk????
      and whats wrong with you anyway, the guy is ready to pay a fair charge.


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