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Criminal case against Abhay Patil

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On Tuesday, the Belgaum police registered a criminal case against Belgaum South BJP MLA Abhay Patil for allegedly provoking people, leading to clashes in the incident that happened at Vishnu Galli Vadagaon on Monday night.

The Shahpur police have registered a first information report against Mr. Patil and booked him under Sections 143, 147, 148, 427, 153(A) read with 149 of the Indian Penal Code. The district police may even approach the Speaker to seek permission to arrest the MLA, according to Rupak Kumar Datta, Additional Director-General of Police (Law & Order) here on Tuesday.


The police have arrested 25 persons and are keeping a watch on the affected locality.

The FIR mentions that the the MLA and around 40-50 of his supporters damaged two-wheelers and autorickshaws and threw stones on houses in Vadgaon.

Mr. Patil denied the police charge and alleged that the police were biased against him.

Roop Kumar Datta, ADGP (law and order) said that he has instructed police to open a separate rowdy sheet for those engaged in fomenting communal trouble in the city.

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13 thoughts on “Criminal case against Abhay Patil”

  1. goondaa raaj chal raha hai belgaum main

    its plan to remove SP out of belgaum for not handling the issue and handling the MLA. YEDDI WILL DEFIANTLY BE WITH PATIL , BUT NOT WITH KHAKI….


  2. useless politicos aukad dikha dete hai vinash kaal viparit budhi….
    there are good cops in bgm believe me I personally know those people
    I will they shot those useless jerks

  3. The PSI of shahapur Police station who registered case against MLA, will see next course of action. whether he will transfer, suspend or any punshment. Mr RK dutta only take appropriate action. if he does not.. only small fishes will suffer.

  4. these cheap patil is thinking of great politician in row for prime minister's seat or what?, oh patil stop playing politcs every where, i hope you are not playing politics while in toilet, may be patil have enough money he can disturb communities, but there are daily bread earners who fall prey to this, show your strength in developing belgaum if you can, not to stop its misleading public is it clear

  5. yes Abhay patil should be arrested for provoking communal voilence and there should be life time banned to vote and also to take part in election for him.

  6. Nothing is going to change… bcoz at-last we r the only ones who again accept money and mutton from this politicians and vote them… I m very sure he will again win the next elections if people don't realise now that what a person this south constituency have elected….

  7. All the people know what kind of person is Abhay Patil.He is only doing all these things to gain political gain on cummunal basis.He is leading land mafia in & around Belgaum,which will result in group rivalry & soon Belgaum will become second Mumbai.
    All peace loving people ,please take a stand aginst this person & maintain peace in this beautiful city.

  8. belgaum band in year2012 for abhay for 2times>>>1st for transfer of s.p sandeep patil police
    2nd time manhandling javali

  9. MLA abhay patil is rowdy:
    He is land mafia ,pressue rising common people to sell his land to him ,even he did not left farmer ,MLA abhay patil has acquired lot of land from farmer.Now belgaum was band for two time because of MLA ,people came to know that is he gunda,when he caught will beeting Basvaraj javali.
    He made fools to youth/college student by organising Holi,kite show all money spent was govt., he use to show that he has spent from his pocket.
    His political carrier is FINISH.


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