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Survey of Karad Belgaum rail line

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K H Muniappa MOS Railways in a letter to MLA Patil of Nippani has said that the Karad-Nippani- Belgaum Railway line survey has been mentioned in the 2011-12 rail budget.

The actual work on the survey might commence in August – September.

In this years Rail budget Mamta Banjerjee had mentioned surveys of many new routes which included the Karad – Nippani- Belgaum and Kolhapur – Dharwad routes.


22 thoughts on “Survey of Karad Belgaum rail line”

  1. I feel ,,,

    Dharwad-Belgaum-Kolhapur lane via, kittur, sankeshwar & nippani is more important ,, Its penidng from decades …

    If this route is done everyday Janashatabdi and Intercity will run to Bngalooru from Belgaum.. as the Tumkur – Dawangere lane is in construction phase and may save more than 2-3 hour journey in one side for the current Bengalooru-Hubli trip , which can be then extended to Belgaum.

  2. not only survey to be done but should be implemented also. we have many survey done in NK regions but no implentations

  3. I think many such surveys have happened in the past without making any change on ground. The lethargy of Indian govts, i tell you

  4. Karnataka as compared to the Northen ,Western,Eastern & Southern India is very much under developed in the Railway infrastructure.The areas of above said areas of India have a double track and Electrified. The time between two stations is very less. When we take a case of the Shatabdi Express between New -Delhi to Jhansi the journey is hardly 4 hours ,the distance being 480 kms. Whenever I used to go from Belgaum to New-Delhi the train goes very slow till manmad Junction . It is only after Manmad the train takes up the super grade speed.In karnataka only the line going from Mumbai to chennai which goes through Raichur & Gulbarga has a super speed speciality. Ther other ones are Bangalore to Chennai and trains going out of Banglore. It is also disappointing that a new Rail Coach factory is set up in Rae barelli(U.P) instead of karnataka , in spite of availability of cheap land and Electric power.It is high time the top leaders in Karnataka awake and do something.

  5. but these bledy idiots hubli dharwad politicians never allow the approval of belgaum-dharwad line coz these hubli dharwad politicians & people think that importance of hubli region go down.only coz of this reason its still pending.

  6. I have seen several rail lines across India, the most surprising part is… all regions have most of their lines doubled and electrified, be it from Miraj to xyz locations, Guntkal to xyz locations and so on, but not here !! I remember the broad gauge line conversion was sanctioned long in eighties and the work commenced in 1994 .. Surveys is just like talking in the Air! Not to be pessimistic, the region would see faster development if a PM or a CM is from this place… Or else its just another file pile up.

  7. Kaead Kolhapur Belgaum line is not sufficient, if Belguam Dharwad double line and Chik jajur Tunkur double line will make Belgaum Bangalore distance of 6 hr journey ….

  8. karad-dharwad train route via nippani only useful to nippani & sankeswar , not to belgaum, kolhapur &pune-banglore.because they already connected by trains. this is under only politics pressure & use. this is rong & loss to railway & passengers of pune & banglore. if new route goes through karad or kirloskarwadi to dharwad via astha,hatkangale,ichalkaranji,borgaon,sadalga,chikodi, hukkeri,gokak rd.,bailhongal in straight line, it saves 126 km of karad & dharwad. means pune & banglore comes 126 km closer.

  9. first try to settle down with the government without changing the cms every week and then think of having the survevys for rail route and public betterment, out of current corruption rate i donot think people will get anything of their share in the form of new rail track from karad via nipani to belgaum.

  10. Need not only survay but actually be positive for new rail line Karad-Islamppur-Vadgaon-Hatkanangale-Kagal-Nipani-Sanskeshwar-Belgaum. Save many kilomiters distance,energy sonsumption, travelling time. Help, for growth of Actual Rural India.

  11. Good News!!! save energy, help actual rural development. Help, to grow Hkt.,Shirol,ICH,Kagal & NPN and sourinding boundry of MAH & Karnataka. Taking into consideration Transport through road from ICH and Bombay-Ahmedabad and Peoples journey to Sgn.Mrj.Jsp.Kop. and karnataka it is benefited
    economically. Serve approximately 10 to 12 lacs population. Cut cost of travelling. Do positivaly without any political pressure.

  12. karad-dharwad train route via nippani only useful to nippani & sankeswar , not to belgaum, kolhapur &pune-banglore.because they already connected by trains. this is under only politics pressure & use. this is rong & loss to railway & passengers of pune & banglore. if new route goes through karad or kirloskarwadi to dharwad via jaysinpur,nandani,takali,eksambha,chikodi, hukkeri,gokak rd.,bailhongal in straight line, it saves 113 km of karad & dharwad. means pune & banglore comes 113 km closer.

  13. This new railway lane betwen Belgaum-kolhapur is very helpful in development of rural india especially farmers of this nippani leads in production of tobacco and Gadhinglaj leads in production of sugar and jaggery it helps them to transport their goods to Belgaum or kolhapur markets.also helps people from sankeshwar and nippani who have daily routine to bgm & klp for jobs & education

  14. I agree with some of the people who have suggested new line, connecting Dharwad-Belgaon-Kittur-Sankeshwar-Nippani-Kolhapur. This line will give direct connectivity of Kolhapur with Belgaon, Sankeshwar and Nippani, all are agricultural market places.
    I also suggest, if Kolhapur is connected with Rajapur Road, which is only 90 kms away, on Konkan Railway, all these places will get direct access to Konkan Railway and also to some of the ports, like Ratnagiri, Goa and Mangalore.
    Shirish S. Shanbhag, Mumbai-400089. Dated: 26.6.2014 Email ID: [email protected]

  15. karad to Belgium relway route vai Hathkangle to Ichalkarnji to nippani is very comfortable and save money and time. Also good for Ichalkarnji cloth market, transportation. Plz complete vai Ichalkarnji city.

  16. I think the best route will be from Kolhapur to Belgavi and Dharwad will may be as below,

    Kolhapur-Nippani-Sankeshwar-Hukkeri-Ghatprapaha( Ghatprabha should be Junction) a track is already available to Belagavi. Belagavi Dharwad survey has been already approved. Then next is many of devotees from Maharashtra goes to Shri Yellammadevi Savadatti, so from Ghataprabha the track continue to Gokak-Yaragatti-Munavalli-Savadatti-Dharwad (Dharwad will be the Junction). So we can reach Dharwad-to Kolhapur easily and also Savadatti station becomes very comfortable to devotees of Shri Yellamma Devi.

  17. Discussion on this site for the railway line between Kolhapur & Dharwad, via various places like Belgavi and others is going on from the year 2011.
    Single track Pune-Bengaluru railway line via Miraj-Londa-Hubli-Davangeri is highly saturated for its trafffic.
    This line cannot take any new passenger train on it, unless the route is doubled, including branch lines Miraj-Kolhapur and Londa-Vasco.
    Same is the case with Konkan Railway, from Roha to Mangaluru.

    People from Karnataka should insist on doubling these two tracks, then give suggestions for any connecting line or branch line to these lines.
    After doubling these two lines, following connecting lines will boost profitable and speedy traffic on these two lines.
    Connecting lines are
    (1) Kolhapur(CR)-Rajapur(KR) and its extended goods line to Rajapur Port.
    (2) Dandeli(SWR)-Asnoti(KR) and its extended goods line to Karwar Port
    (3) Gokarn Road(KR)- Tadadi(Port) and its extended goods line to Tadadi port.
    (3) Talguppa(SWR)-Honnavar(KR) and its extended goods lines to Honnavar Port and Bhatkal Port

    Rajapur, Karwar, Tadadi, Honnavar & Bhatkal ports are to be developed to handle all types of cargo.
    Hardly any development of ports have made by Maharashtra & Karnataka Governments on whose coastal line 90% of total 760 kms of Konkan Railway runs.


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