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BJP leaders demand suspension of SP

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The TOI reports that BJP state leaders have demanded the suspension of the Superintendent of police Sandeep Patil after the police registered a case against BJP MLA Abhay Patil.

The state government can only make recommendations and cannot suspend the SP as he is of the all-India services cadre.

A FIR was filed on the MLA and 50 others for inciting violence in Vadagaon.


6 thoughts on “BJP leaders demand suspension of SP”

  1. How about an FIR copy on every street corner. Just besides the board claiming credit for doing all the street renovation work.

  2. I think Mr Sandeep Patil has done the right job but these politicians and good for nothing. They know very well how to play with public emoitons……

  3. chindi chor politicians who think themselves great like Abhay patil must be suspended & should never be allowed to take part in elections in their life time for playing dirty politics & disturbing communal harmony , not the police officer for FIR which was his duty on behalf of public

  4. He has done his job. Let it be anyone a politician or an common man SP's job is to control volience and arrest the culpriuts. These political people are worst they want only those people who listen them and take bribe. Anyone who has been true to his job these politicial people have always trouble in way of Truth…


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