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Who will break the Auto-cracy

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The “AUTO-cratic” rule in Belgaum seems to be never ending. People who once traveled with their parents and who now travel with their grandsons always have a fear of sitting in an auto in Belgaum, because you never know what you will be charged.

We have hardly seen the autos plying by the fare meter, to make things worse out of the 5000+ autos in town only 60-70% are registered. All the autos have a working meter while the yearly inspection is on at the RTO, once they come out of the RTO the meter is removed or is disabled.

No one in Belgaum has ever tried to out break this Auto-cracy. Which is very strange.

Take the prepaid auto booth set up in December 2010, by the then Deputy Commissioner M.E. Shivalingmurthy. A prepaid auto booth was installed inside the railway station premises so that it will help the passengers. But that has never been the case.

See the recent post on AAB which mentions how one is charged Rs.40 for a distance of (Tanaji Galli) 2kms from the station by giving the Malamaruti route. When asked there is no police on duty.rikshaw

CPI Traffic police Belgaum replied to the blog post saying that, “Auto pre-paid is being run by Railway department by the Railway Police and its their jurisdiction and men in white working near railway station are not traffic police they are all railway police men.”
When the blog contacted the Railway police we got a reply that yes it does come under our purview but as the Fare prices are not updated by the RTO we cannot control the situation.


The Auto drivers association has a fixed answer when asked about why they dont charge by meter. Autorickshaw drivers have never opposed the introduction of fare meters. But the authorities had not stopped transporters from operating Tempos, “mini-doors” and maxi cabs in the city in violation of the rules. One more reason they always add is bad roads and more money is spent on maintenance.


In some cases hearing to PILs the court by themselves have taken cognizance of such a plight of the commuters and “ Taking note of it, the two-judge bench of the Orrisa High court of Justice B.P. Das and Justice M.M. Das issued directions for introduction of pre-paid auto-rickshaw service at the Cuttack railway station and Badambadi bus stand.”


Current (May 2011) Auto Fares in Bangalore:

Minimum Fare: Rs.17 for first 2Kms

Fare above Minimum Fare: Rs.9 per Km

Night Fare: Extra 50% from 11pm to 5am

Waiting Charges: Rs30/hour (minimum 10 minutes are charged)


In Pune:

Minimum Fare: Rs.11 for first Km.

Fare above Minimum Fare: Rs9 per Km


Some questions which need to be answered by the Administration:

Why cant the Belgaum traffic police have its own persons as they are in other cities who assist the entire process.(In cities like Pune Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) has put special cell for this).

If there is a rule of fare price being charged by the Autos all over which is fixed by the Regional transport authority, then why the same is not implemented.

What is the reason behind the police not taking any serious action against these Autos like they do on regular two wheelers or four wheelers?

Why cant the Traffic police check for the auto meter, whether it is working or no?

If any one has to complain where can one complain?(we could not find a helpline number)


Some questions which need to be answered by the Autorikshaw wallas:

If you can fix meters while getting the passing done at RTO why cant you continue the same and is this not illegal then?

Is it that only your vehicles get a hit due to bad roads, other commuters also face the same problem?

Why cant you(Autos), district administration and the citizens come together and make a fare list. (by law the regional transport authority will have already done one)


Some questions which need to be answered by the citizens:

Do we really need to pay the fare the Auto driver asks for?(normally yes, because if they had other modes of communication why would they go in for an auto)

Boycotting of Autos for a day etc will this have any impact on the Auto drivers?

Is there atleast anything we could do to have a fare ride in the Auto?


What do we want a ride in the Auto with a FARE price, are we wrong?

All readers are requested to share their experiences and this blog is read by the Traffic police we will try and raise this issue with them.


17 thoughts on “Who will break the Auto-cracy”

  1. The above thought process is rwally good one.It should be circulated in the city in the form of pamplets etc.There should also be a team of 'x' number of people working on this consistently till a positive output is not the result.Also,the team needs to also have a very good personal contacts with the politicians in the town as this definitely triggers the movement.Lastly,implementation should begin as early as possible to avoid further hassles.

  2. Some Suggestion.

    1. Compulsory meter in every auto. This is to be taken care by Traffic Police Dept.
    2. Place a fare list all all the Auto stops.
    3. Autos to stand at auto-stands compulsory and also all citizens should hire auto at auto-stands only and not anywhere in the middle of road.
    4. Place one traffic policeman at all auto stops to check fare taken by auto drivers.
    5. Increase frequency of city buses and regulate timings. ( There is a setting between city bus people and auto/tempo, you can confirm this from any regular bus passenger)

    These are few suggestions which come to my immediate mind. Will keep posting and new ideas I get.

    • Some additions to Rahul's list

      1.All Auto driver should wear Batch with their photos.
      2.Tempos from there stand they should only take passengers going more than 15 Km.(avoid stopping tempos at bogarves which goes to khanapur and takes passenger who wanna go to goavess,angol road etc)
      3.If some dispute happens between auto driver and passenger,passenger can claim issue in local traffic police details like auto number, autowala's ID details.(further action should be taken!!!)

  3. What will traffic police do after reading these posts and suggestions, they will not implement anything from these, if you suggest or share any idea its again extra workload for them. Even they are get some percentage from these autowallas(will share the pics shortly).

    Let them suggest how they can help us and sort this unsolved problem till now.

    Do post this, let cops read this post.


  4. autowala's have habbit of fighting for more money after reaching destination… they tell dat we had agreed for higher price wat's solution for this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Need to implement prepaid auto at central bus stand too..Because they charge 50 rs from bus stand to mahantesh nagar…Not sure how they calculate..It is hardly 2 to 2.5 kms distance…

    • Generally we will be not having any option when they demand extra money. Some revolution is needed to stop this and I think this is the first step AAB is taken. I appreciate this, let’s join hands together and fight against this.

  6. I am a frequent traveller to Belgaum , almost once in every 2 months… but have never given in to the demands of charging higher than whats required… well bust stand is very close to CBT , and the only way i use to make them realize the autowalas that they cannot charge more is by proving them that i always have an alternative of going by bus, CBT is hardy 3-4 mins walk from the main busstand.. well the situation can be only controlled by the traffic police and the RTO by strict vigilance, unfortunately.. they are either not serious or are corrupt… pehley RTO or traffic police pakdo..

  7. only solution is to start strictly Metering system- or is it that Traffic police or RTO get enough bribe from them as hafta not to impose meter, i dont understand belgaum is not a small town with 100 rickshaws , why it is not yet implemented ? – Wake up BRIBE TAKERS ALREADY YOU HAVE EATEN ENOUGH TO FIRE YOUR AND YOUR FAMILY BELLY.

  8. ya in mangalore also rickshaw run by meter. 5 year back the charge of auto is 11 rs. minimum charge……………. and here minimum is now 40 wat a great karnataka

  9. The immidiate responce for the above fact is that first v have to blame ourselves,unless v fight v cannot rectify the auto-cry.this is the best platform for the views to be expressed but the real one is to be on the road to fight for the minimum right! Its up to the authorities to intoduce what has been recommended by the law! wishing and hoping for the cry will end sooon!

  10. dont use him if he wont use the meter. if u get in anyway, you are contributing to the problem. dont blame anyone else, police or the drivers. they dont use meter because they know you will get in anyway. it is a temporary inconvenience but will get better only if one person at a time we choose to say no.

  11. why so mess ………if u compare the auto riksha system in mumbai or chennai …there is nothing impossible all have to gather including me….so that the meter & location wise riksha can available .

  12. I am from Belgaum and visit the city atleast once every year, although I am abroad for the last 18 years. Are you all serious about bringing in reformation and systemic change in Begaum? First raise your voice. Dont be timid!
    The whole Government Machinery is corrupted. I keep repeating in all the forums that Karnataka has been one of the most corrupt states in India.

    A city of such great potential is ruined. Building one Suvarna Saudha is not an answer. I am ready to join you all for a process of change.

    Please respond.

    • You can count me but need to know your plan in detail as how do you propose to bring about the change. Me, I am inspired by Arvind Kejriwal.
      Believe me India is such a rich nation that we need not have to work in foriegn countries had the government been honest & over this the case of Karnataka is the worst one.


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