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Traffic Police page super hit

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Under the leadership of Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil, the Traffic Police Belgaum page has become super hit in just 4 days. The page was launched on 9th May at 8 pm.

At the moment there are 604 people who have liked the page which is good number.

From the minute the page was launched AAB was the first one to initiate the requirement for the page earlier this month (When will Belgaum police go the Delhi traffic police way)and heeding to this the Traffic Police Belgaum page was born.tpb

The page has seen numerous complaints from people right from a complaint of no meters in Autos, to someone hitting and going.

People were happy enough to share the local problems from their locality like the one from Bapat Galli where there is a huge traffic problem as the vehicles are not parked in a proper manner. In response to this query, A constable was sent to take a view of the situation as replied by the SP himself.

In response to the menace of the Auto drivers and charging of higher fares this is what the SP wrote “there is a RTA committee in every dist.. comprising of DC,SP and RTO. i will take up the topic of auto meters in the meeting. already had meetings with auto drivers to get their mindset changed to have meters- SP “

The SP clearly mentions to a post by AAB that“ We have been taking action , especially regarding the photos and the video clipping sent. already cases booked against the offenders. hope people realize that now not only the police, even the youth of this city are watching the offenders. Hope v r able to get some change in the Belgaum traffic with your valuable inputs-SP Belgaum”

TPB also mentioned that, “someone wrote “bored to listen action will b taken” , probably should change to action will not b taken. should suit the person better.”

In reply to video uploaded the TPB wrote, “excellent video.. we wanted such response from the public… action against the auto driver as well as the negligent policeman will be taken- SP,Belgaum”

The success of such kind of interaction with the authorities and public is required. When people see that they are being heard more and more people will start sharing photos of offenders.




2 thoughts on “Traffic Police page super hit”

  1. good to hear about the positive attitude of the SP.
    Looking forward to see changes for the good, specially improving traffic flow
    Continue with the same Zeal Sir.
    Best of luck


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