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Traffic management is the key to smooth flow of traffic

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Traffic management in the main city area can ease the flow of traffic to a great extent. A few roads must be made into ONE WAYs and also some free Left turns must be stopped.samadevi-traffic

Samadevi Galli -Narvekar Galli Corner


Here there is traffic blockade as vehicles come from all sides. Here if the flow of traffic is regulated to take a circle of the Maruti Temple and then turn from Narvekar Galli it will have smooth flow.

Suggestion –

Vehicles from Narvekar Galli going towards Samadevi Galli Should take a go round of the Maruti Temple, means take left on Khade Bazar circle and then approach Samadevi Galli from Ramdev Galli.

This will solve the problem of chaos at the corner as vehicles from Samadevi Galli can freely take a left to Narvekar galli.

The best option would be to make Samadevi Galli a One way which it was earlier. Currently Kirloskar road, Ramdev Galli is a One way. On the same stretch make Samadevi Galli as a One way and there will be smooth flow of traffic.
The Gondhali Galli-Samadevi Galli corner is again a bottleneck with autos parked and people wanting to go left and right. Gondhali Galli Must also be partly made into a one way to ensure smooth flow of traffic.
Not many would like these suggestions and similar incidents like that of First gate can emerge. But these are just practical suggestions we thought of which have a lot of scope of improvement.
And all this is not needed if each one drives as per the law and follows traffic discipline.


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  1. Suggestions are very good. Even better is the last sentence in your paragraph “And all this is not needed if each one drives as per the law and follows traffic discipline”. Somebody please teach some idiots the traffic and its rules.


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