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SpiceJet to fly to Mumbai only upto Nov 30

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The SpiceJet airlines currently has 3 flights to Belgaum. Banaglore in the morning, then the Mumbai in the afternoon and the Bangalore in the evening.

Belgaum Airport Terminal

Belgaum originally had the Belgaum to Bangalore and return flight in the morning, but as the Hubli airport was closed for the runway expansion, SpiceJet has decided to transfer those flights to Belgaum and flu them.
But as the Runway expansion is set to be complete by November 30, spicejet would again fly those flights from Hubli and not Belgaum as it is doing now.

The response to the Mumbai Flight and the evening Bangalore Flight is very good, as both flights give better options for international travel as well.

But from December 1, Belgaum will see only one Flight in the morning to Bangalore as normal. Sources have told that the work on expansion of the Belgaum airport runway would be commenced from December and as there is only one flight in the morning the expansion work can be done the entire day.

The fate of the FLY BUS service commenced by NWKRTC could also die as the flights are canceled.

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  1. The Flybus ,a very good initiative should be continued to cater to passengers of Belgaum who will now have to fly from Hubli. The intercity flybus between Belgaum and Hubli would be a boon for Belgaum passengers till more flights commence from Belgaum itself.


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