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Traffic Signals for what

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AlAboutBelgaum had posted a story on the traffic signals lying in the drain at Globe Circle. In continuance of our coverage, here is another story of Traffic Signals.

This particular photo is of RPD Corner (Deshmukh Road) where the traffic signals are lying and no one is bothered to even look at them.DSC00545

One can get to know for how long these signals are lying here, by looking a but closely at them, when we see all mud gathered over the signals which makes it clear that these are lying here for months utilized.

These Signals were also installed here somewhere in 2008 along with those installed at Globe circle.

Local people nearby told the blog that the traffic Signal was operational only once for some hours way back when they were installed. A few did not even realize that RPD corner had traffic signals installed.

RPD corner is one of the most busiest circles, which if managed properly with signals the flow of traffic will be smooth from all sides.

To take the whole picture into consideration of traffic management and use of traffic signals, Belgaum has always been on the back foot.

Bogarves, one of the important circles where the traffic signals aren’t working for 3-4 years now and we seldom see a traffic constable on duty.


Where traffic signals are working:

CBT circle – working Not always

Chenamma Circle – Working most of the time

Yende Khoot (Samadevi Galli – College road) – Working most of the time

Gogte Circle – Working most of the time

Krishnadevraya Circle (Kolhapur Cross) – Working most of the time


Where Traffic Signals installed but not working:



RPD Corner

Globe Corner



All the traffic signals installed were solar powered but all the ones working now have been shifted to regular power.

For the smooth flow of traffic in the city, traffic signals are a must and same should be properly maintained.


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