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Shiv Jayanti Procession

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Shiv Jayanti Procession being held today as part of the Shiv Jayanti Utsav. This is a unique event to Belgaum, where the idols of Shivaji Maharaj are worshiped for three days and then on the third a huge procession is taken out. 
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11 thoughts on “Shiv Jayanti Procession”

  1. Jai Shivaji!!!!

    Thank You, Uday for the pics.. HEard that TB (Kiran Thakur) has held a competitioon for the best tableau and the 1st price is 1.5 lacs???

  2. It was Cool & awesome, watched it, was a grand procession! Its so nice to see Belgaum with so many cultural events in a special style, Belgaum ROCKS !!

  3. wagh to wagh asto tyapeksha koni bhari nasto, jo belgavat rahto aani Marathi japto tyacha rudhayat RAJE SHIVAJI asto……………… jai shivaji………jai bhavani……

  4. wagh to wagh asto tyapeksha koni bhari nasto, jo belgavat rahto aani marathi japto… tyacha rudhayat RAJA SHIVAJI asto…….. JAI SHIVAJI ……… JAI BHAVANI………….

  5. hi uday. Awsome pics man.Also upload pics of "Basaveshwar Jayanti" . Am following AllaboutBelgaum from many years , u only upload the pics of shivaji jayanti ,but u have never uploaded pics of Basaveshwara jayanti.

  6. This refreshes the Hostorical importance of Ancient India and in particular the great deeds of Brave,Intelligent and generous Warrior and Administrator Shivaji Maharaj.
    He accepted Rani.Belavadi Mallamma of our Belgaum Dist. as his Sister after seeing her ability to fight back against his army after she lost her husband in battle & later returned the capture kingdom to her with due respect.
    This was the greatness of warriors of Ancient but disciplined India.


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