Trees gone shops gone compound walls gone RPD road


After the full fledged drama yesterday today work on RPD road was on a snails pace and the bulldozers were busy demolishing the compound walls along the road till Patwardhan layout.

The main point of yesterdays drama the Gomatesh Vidyapeeth, compound wall of the Vidyapeeth and some parts of the building were also demolished.

Gomatesh Vidyapeeth compound wall demolished

A notable factor was a poster stuck opposite the RPD the main gate on a hoarding. It says it all.

As of today compound walls of major bunglows have been demolished. But the Gogte and RPD college compound walls still exist. Even the walls of a small shrine were seen untouched.

Even before majority works begins the MLA thought it better to put up a board at the site taking credit of it all.

Many readers would say that this blog is biased and always against development. But here the point of view is that no one on the road the residents, shop owners were happy in which the whole thing is being done.

As of today it is May 14 and within 15 days or a month we will have heavy rains and until then what work will happen on the road is the question.

New gutters will have to built on both sides, this will take a minimum of 2 months after reviewing the work at Phule road, which is in rags even after 6 months. So one could expect a similar time frame for this road to be back to its glory.

Development works are needed but the manner in which they are executed is the biggest question. Say the work is done on a war footing then what would be the standard of the work, another big question.



  1. With the current development, gutters lead to precious water being wasted. This water was previously helpful in recharging ground water, especially in extension areas.Gutters may become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  2. This is unfair…Why the hell these people are removing trees…Guys please save the tree..I ve taken step to plant the tree out side of my house(in vadagoan) please i request all of you take step and save the tree. These people wont do much…..We only need to take the step…

    Lets do it guys…………


  3. This road will be made 80 ft.. I dont know why .. But what about the Fish market road . so many accidents occur there near the GLOBE talkies. and if RPD road is made 80ft same has to be done wit the deshmukh rd but these CDP people corporation people have no minds. They just wanna make 1 rd big and the others are left same. like the 1st gate ,2nd and 3rd gate, and globe theatre rd.

  4. I've just one thing to say to the people of belgaum. its my humble request … Please Save the trees and plant more on that road once the road work is finished

  5. This is sad.. The posters… I believe they are done by the students. Yes Uday, you are right in saying that , Development works are needed but the manner in which they are executed is the biggest question, I do not know if any one can give a justification on the way the works are carried out.

    I remember, similar situation was there in belgaum at the time of Congress road widening years ago.. Trees being cut & many many buildingshouses being demolished..

    It will surely take a very long time for RPD college road to come to its GLORY!!!!


  6. the house in the final picture here.. I once stayed in that house on the first floor..this is adjacent to Pai Stationery and frm the balcony could look right into RPD ground…what times!

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