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Why this toll Cantonment

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The Cantonment Board is to start levying the TOLL on commercial vehicles entering their area from 15th February under the name of “LICENCE FEE” and already 4 booth have been set up for the collection at Congress Road (Kagal Cross, near Amba Bhavan, St.Xaviers School Road near MH Hospital, Ganeshpur Road.

Yesterday a meet was held at Kannada Sahitya Bhavan where eminent people from the city raised their voices about this bad precedent being followed by the Cantonment and NO TOLL should be collected by the Cantonment.khot

Dr.Nitin Khot who has fought with the Cantonment on many occasions that the board was cheating the people of Belgaum and we must all create awareness amongst the citizens so that such acts of unwarranted fees are not put.

The biggest point raised was when the board is in a surplus of funds why does it need more funds and for what reason. In the resolution passed even autorikshwas were to pay Rs. 15, but later the board has said orally that they wont charge Autos, so there is more confusion.

At the meeting Anil Potdar cited examples from history where the board never cooperated with the civic authorities. MLA Sanjay patil said we will try and meet the Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka.

Mr.Jawali, Mr.Shanbag, Vikas Kalghatgi, Rajeev Topannavar and many others participated in the meeting.


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