No toll on Autos

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In an interim order the High court of Karnataka gave an order that No toll should be collected from Auto rikshaws and vehicles carrying agricultural produce.

The Cantonment is all ready to charge a Toll on the commercial vehicles from Feb 15.

The board will give and under taking to the court that they will not any autos or vehicles carrying agricultural produce.

This is the first victory for the citizens and their collective effort to fight back this wrong doing.  naka cant

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  1. Why are they collecting toll? First let they do the roads properly. We read here that the board has surplus of funds ? Is it a national high way ? Is the road maintained that well ? Is the road 100 feet Plus ? (Double road) ? Above all is it necessary now ? And now only Auto-rikshaws and vechiles carrying agriculture produce will be let off. What about other vechiles ? Two wheelers ? What’s happening ? A big confusion ?

  2. idiots, this is a good thing man, there will be less god damn traffic on that road. its so chaotic now. why cant you guys understand this. stop whining about anything and everything that happens.

  3. Just see the picture of the toll naka, can you see a green tree behind the toll naka. Please understand & appreciate that we need to pay toll in order to conserve this green tree which gives lots of oxygen & good rains, got it.


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