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All your Linux problems and questions solved practically by eth1

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Kiosk: booth: small area set off by walls for special use

The traditional usage of a kiosk for business in any event or conference has been a bunch of people from the company distributing brochures/business cards or pamphlets etc.linux-logo

Defying all traditions, eth1 Network Solutions ( has taken this a one step further with a unique approach towards practicality, they’re going to help, solve all problems on the spot and mentor students in the Linux/Unix domain on the 31st of October at Gogte Institute of Technology for a State Level TechFest organized by the Information Science department.

This by all odds gives hands on experience to the students and gives an opportunity to students for getting all their questions/doubts answered practically.

So, if you are an engineering student and would like to know why Linux file systems do not get fragmented or why a virus/worm/malicious program cannot affect a Linux system when logged in as a normal user?
Then here is your chance to get all your questions answered. You got a question? Just Ask.

If you’re having problems installing Linux on your machine/laptop, then you can bring it along on the 31st, eth1 Network Solutions team will help you in installing Linux and show you how it’s done!

ubuntuHere is the best part, new to Linux? Want to try it out? Get a free copy of the most polished version of Ubuntu ,9.10 Linux (Karmic Koala) CD on the 31st.

Take part in a Linux contest and one lucky winner stands to win a free Linux training course from eth1 Network Solutions, the very guys who manage more than 400+ Linux servers from Belgaum.

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