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bmirrorHere is another baby from the DotCord stable and this time it is again interactive and user-friendly and Belgaum related.

After the success of (after the initial hitch up) the company has launched its own Digg like site dedicated for Belgaum, namely

The best feature is that it’s User-Generated. That’s right!

It means you are the boss. You get to choose what news gets’s on it and vote accordingly. bgmmirror

You found something interesting about Belgaum just submit on BelgaumMirror and see how many others also liked it. It can be just any link.

In this site you will find features such as

1>. Live
Imagine getting news about Belgaum to the minute, to the very second! Impossible? Check out the “LIVE” section in BelgaumMirror. In this section, you can view news being uploaded in Real Time even as it happens!

2>. Upcoming News
This section will basically get you the info on the up and coming topics in Belgaum that are making news. That’s right! Get informed even before it’s published.

3>. Vote the Hottest Topics
you finally have the power to control the news. For decades, printing presses and online news website just publish what they have found useful. Now you can too! Vote for the news that you think everyone should know about and get it on the front page.

4>. Comment
BelgaumMirror gives you the chance to express your own views about the news article that you read. We find it fair that everyone who reads the news has a comment and it should be heard. Now you guys have the platform. Don’t miss out on it. Comment on articles and give your opinion!

5>. Subscribe
Perhaps you are interested in the developments of a particular story or just prefer having the hottest news about Belgaum delivered right to your mailbox? Then just hit the Subscribe Button. All you need is an e-mail address and we’ll do the rest!

6>. Earn some Cash
Vote for your favorite stories and GET PAID! Yeah…you heard right. Can it get easier? It basically works in this way: You submit interesting news/articles related to Belgaum and as the users read your news and vote on its popularity, you get paid accordingly.
For further details, you can check out the link

Not only that. BelgaumMirror has got loads of other features which are very useful.
So get over there right now!  Go Submit, Vote and Earn!

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