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Cloud Computing now taught in Belgaum – Ajit Patil

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“ Looking for a position, which will give me plentiful scope for growth and where I can implement my skills for the benefit and development of the company.” says Ajit Patil, who is currently CEO of Credence Information Services a company which will help you reduce your IT cost with technologies like virtualization, deduplication storage and cloud computing. He is also started the IIHT training centre in Belgaum on Dr.Ambedkar road which is the only place after Bangalore which teaches about Cloud Computing.

Ajit Patil had a corking job at EMC in which he handled major government accounts in India, helping customer pick the right technology and product for their datacenter requirement; which include Maharashtra state datacenter, NIC datacenter, UP state datacenter, NIC Karnataka datacenter, UIDAI datacenters at Bangalore and Noida.

But he dreamed that he would be an Entrepreneur and start a business in Belgaum, his home town. When he informed his boss then of his intention of leaving the job and starting his own firm, Ajit told us that his Boss said “ All the best we need more people like you.”
Ajit Patil was born in Kudremukha and was brought up in different states of the country as his father was working in the CISF. He has studied in places like Hyderabad, Bihar, Kolkatta, Assam, etc. But each year in the summer holidays they made it a point to visit Belgaum, their home town.ajit_patil_belgaum_iiht

Ajit was not a scholar at school and most of his life struggled with studies. Sports, drawing, science and social science exhibitions were very dear to him then.
He never read those readymade notes but tried to understand the concepts.

After completing schooling in 2001 and subsequently college in the science stream in Bangalore in the year 2004 he chose to brush up his computer skills and joined for a year course in Bangalore for computer hardware and networking.

He began his career in IT industry as a service engineer for a small company troubleshooting their computer and network issues. He later joined a technical call center to make some good money to study for higher certifications in the field of information technology. At this stage he moved to technologies like Virtualization, SAN (storage area network) NAS (Network attached storage), backup and disaster recovery etc.

He then joined EMC, where he learned technologies like private and public cloud, big data, storage which can store petabytes of data, BI (business intelligence) Hadoop etc. He worked with EMC for about 5 years, as senior technology consultant at EMC2 and worked on products like EMC Symmetrix, Clariion, VNX, isilon, VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual tape libraries, all of these products are the leading products in each of their domain.

We caught up with Ajit at his office for some more views on his new venture:

What made you leave your job and get back to Belgaum?

Ajit Patil ———-> Earning money for my living was never a challenge for me, I always wanted to innovate and did many such things at all the different companies I worked for, and got rewarded too, but work hours and city life left me with little time to innovate , learn the latest technology and get some hands on, so decided to invest whatever I have earned so far into a startup here in Belgaum and bring all the latest and emerging technologies down to Belgaum to help the city experience it in real time.

You have invested you PF and Gratuity money in your center here, not many would call that a sensible investment?

Ajit Patil ———-> Yes, I have, in fact I surrendered and sold all my mutual funds, life insurance policies, stocks, share, pretty much everything I could sell, honestly I am not investing anything expecting returns, I am only following my dreams and doing anything and everything I want to.iiht_belgaum2

What was your families reaction when you told them you want to leave your job and start something new in Belgaum?

Ajit Patil ———-> All had faith in me and aware of my past achievements, they also knew how stubborn I am to do what I feel like doing, hence I received great supports from each and everyone, wife, parents, brothers, in-laws.

Tell us more about your IIHT institute and why is different from others?

Ajit Patil ———-> India’s No. 1 IT Infrastructure Management Services training company and the only Microsoft authorized training institute to offer cloud computing courses, State-of-the-art infrastructure, 24/7 Lab access to live datacenter at the learning centre, a student can come anytime of the day or night to practice, one can repeat the course for any number of times for FREE, every student here gets his own set of Lab machines which he can keep with him until he completes the labs, we also encourage the students to change the admin passwords for their lab machines, unique corporate style teaching with conference tables instead of the traditional benches, only 10 students in each batch, Has over 260 centers in India, Has significant presence in Kenya, Turkey, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Malaysia, Liberia, Congo, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cameroon, Togo, Qatar and Bahrain.

Tell us more about cloud computing?

Ajit Patil ———-> The talk can go endless, so to make it short and easy for a laymen to understand, a user can buy a cloud terminal and connect to a cloud service provider and work on very high machines which they otherwise cannot afford. The cloud terminal can cost anywhere between 5k to 10k and then one can hook up to the internet with the terminal, subscribe to a cloud provider and work on machines as if the machine is sitting right next to him, companies can save tremendous amount of power because each of these cloud terminals just take about 5watts as compared to traditional systems which consumes 300watts, on the other hand there is no maintenance required as these terminals have no moving parts, low power, high security, low cost, low maintenance etc are few of the major things cloud computing can offer. Please drop in sometime for a demo or hands on.

So what are the emerging technologies now ?

Ajit Patil ———-> I had an opportunity to work on Bigdata, Business analytics, Virtualization, Cloud computing, DeDuplication storage, business continuity solutions (effectively ensuring that your business doesn’t stop even if you datacenter is submerged into water due to flood) these technologies are changing the world and the way we look at ZEROs and ONEs, with virtualization, it is now possible to add or remove CPU, RAM and Hard disk to a computer while it is running, with DeDuplication you can store 10TBs of data onto a 1TB disk (Yes it is possible, and we can demo this live at our centre) business continuity solution helped many companies to recover from the major Mumbai floods.

Do you feel Cloud computing is here to stay and how can it benefit businessmen from a tier II city like Belgaum?

Ajit Patil ———-> Yes, and Yes again to reinforce my statement, a large number of companies are evaluating cloud computing if they haven’t acquired it yet, I have personally completed many cloud deployment projects, as small as a mini private cloud with 10 machine capacity to college in north and have also worked on a deployment for a government organization for 500+ computers private cloud using Vmware and Microsoft technologies.

It can really save lot of money and time for cost sensitive tier II cities, for instance, a BPO with 50 numbers of computers can save unto 90% of their electrify bill per month, cut down their IT staff by half, bring their downtime to zero, provision new stations in minutes and enjoy 100% security to their data because everything is central stored onto the private cloud.

A software company can run any number of operating systems to test their codes on without investing on those many number of servers or machines, rent high end machines for a short period until they complete the project, thus saving them from huge CapEx.


You have a plan to set up a datacenter here in Belgaum tell us more about it?

Ajit Patil ———-> Yes, I do, and it will be world class, built with industry standard equipments, servers, SAN/NAS, blade servers, Fabric switches, 10Gig ethernet etc, we are developing some products and once they materialize, they will need such a datacenter to operate and that’s when we will start building the datacenter, we will also be offering cloud services to companies in Belgaum, currently we have a mini datacenter with a single 42U Rack which can hold unto 42 single U servers, we are running private cloud and it is open for anyone to come down and experience it.

How has been your experience while opening the company/institute here?

Ajit Patil ———-> Very smooth, I must really thank Government of Karnataka for taking IT seriously and making everything accessible online, VAT, Service tax, Professional Tax registrations were all done online and sakala Act ensured that everything completed on time.

How do you plan to take your go forward with your dream?

Ajit Patil ———-> We have partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, EMC and VMware to help us increase the awareness on cloud in the city, we will be conducting regular workshops and increase awareness. We are also working with these companies to bring industry talents down to Belgaum for conducting workshops, seminar etc. Will connect with all the colleges in Belgaum to conduct workshops, seminars and to provide career counseling, colleges or people interested in such a workshop can reach us directly.

What if this does not work, do you also have disaster recovery plan ready?

Ajit Patil ———-> Honestly, never thought about it.

If you had the chance to choose a profession all over again, would you pursue data center management? Why or why not?

Ajit Patil ———-> Yes I would, I feel that I am good at it, I usually end up missing my lunches when a new set of servers, or components arrive into the datacenter I am engaged with, I love working in 16 Degree Celsius, I enjoy the server fan noise and the datacenter smell.

What are your suggestions for the youngsters who want to take up this field?

Ajit Patil ———-> Infrastructure management services is all about ensuring that the IT services are up and running all the time, imagine what you reaction would be if the ATM you had been to withdraw cash from isn’t working, you are unable to make an online payment, you are unable to book a movie ticket, railway ticket counter is closed and you see a board “Server down”, IMS folks ensures that the services are up all the time at any cost, and they are fee to pick any sort of technology to achieve it, whether its cloud computing, storage area networks, storage replication, disaster recovery solution or anything for that matter.

What is that love most about Belgaum?

Ajit Patil ———-> The hospitality is amazing here, the respect you get here is incomparable to any city, awesome weather conditions and I just love being in Belgaum.

Your views on

Ajit Patil ———-> I was first introduced to AAB by my mother, she used to call me almost every day and she did it for a week those days asking me “did you login” “did you see it” “did you check it” I was in Bangalore those days and use to be little occupied with work, I finally hooked on and since then, I check it every day, for probably around 3-4 years now.

Words cannot describe your efforts, how you have managed to fuel it for years with the same amount of enthusiasm till date, it is really awesome, you have complementary access to our datcenter and services, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any of your IT needs.

24 thoughts on “Cloud Computing now taught in Belgaum – Ajit Patil”

  1. Hi Ajit

    I am Satish Kumar VCP 4 and 5 in VMware based in Dubai , intersted to bring in some investment through a Venture capitalist in Belguam , even it is my dream to build a cloud data center in Belguam and have through reserch on it, Please get in touch with me thorugh Uday He have my number and email id , well r u just running the franchise of IIHT , as of my knoweldge IIHT pune had already provided could based services to many in Pune , any way I am an Ex CMS engineer, There are other possiblities of whitelabling using my contacts in SIFY , let me see your interst further.

    • Thats great Satish, yes sure, will connect with Uday for your co-ordinates, we started up as Credence Information Services with an aim of making these technologies accesible to Belgaum but fell short on employable skill, hence tied up with IIHT to help us with Education infrastructure to train people and subsequently absorb them into our operations.

      • Thts the wonderful !
        U did it Ajit, m sure u wil take it to the dream. Btw am non IT guy wants to do somthin in BGM. let me knw if i can join yo venture as not happy in metro n love Belgaum,
        The hospitality is amazing here, the respect you get here is incomparable to any city, awesome weather conditions and I just love being in Belgaum.

        • HI Dev ,

          May I know which Business domain are you into may be Uday can network something of your feild to do something in Belguam , or if anything in Dubai to collaborate let me know

  2. AJIT,
    When I read about u from Uday very happy.It is a dream of any mother that she wants her sons growing like u. I am very happy 2 see my all 3 sons doing very good in their field.

  3. Good to see even two tiers city like Belgaum opening up to new technologies. This will definitely help students in Belgaum to get acquainted with latest technologies. We need more such youngsters to come up with new ideas and establish them in small cities so that everyone gets opportunities to learn.

  4. Dear Uday ,
    I congragulate you for Blogging the jewels of Belgaum ,in which the latest covered were the firm who supplied controls for missile launching ,Manisha Undale Miss eyeconic eyes and Ajit patil. As it is you a Gem yourself. 🙂

  5. Hello Mr Ajit,

    I am a third year engineering student. I am from Belgaum, but I am more interested in working in Bangalore post graduation. I have two questions for you:
    1. How will knowledge of cloud computing give engineering students an edge over others while on the job?
    2. If I learn cloud computing, will I be placed in big IT firms in Bangalore?


    • Dear Samiksha,

      Cloud computing benefits are just too much for one to stay away from, allow me to explain you with an example, what happens to university servers during result time, they either go down or serve really slow, and if you want to avoid that, you will really have to invest into a super high end server/machine, but what happens to the server after the result time?? The machine runs for the rest of the year/sem underutilized…cloud computing can solve this with a fraction of the cost…and can offer unbelievable uptime.

      With such lucrative benefits, it gets difficult for someone to ignore , thus pretty much every organization in some or the other way are either using or evaluating cloud computing, very soon all of these organizations will need skills to manage this highly flexible environment.

      The earlier you know these technologies, the more experienced personal you will be when you start your career. These are datacenter level jobs and are usually paid well in the industry.

      See the below link for major players in India.

    • Rohit can u give more details as to why you are saying so? Cloud computing is fairly new and the person here was working in the same field handling some huge important contracts and clients.
      We would love to hear from you in this regard.

    • Hi Vithal,

      We are receiving great response here from students, college professors and people in the field of information technology, while setting up few cloud based datacenters here in Belgaum will surely take time, we are positive about it, I would guess its just a matter of time before we start seeing people asking for deployment.

      Ajit Patil

  6. Mr. Ajit Patil
    It is nice to see your interest and enthusiasm about Cloud computing. I have some doubts. I have 17+ years of experience in IT Training operations and 9 years of experience in Oracle & Developer 2000. I am a freelancer for the past five years doing some content writing and other training jobs. But I always have a thirst to come back to IT industry and now I have gone through the Cloud computing tutorials online. I am very much interested to do cloud computing courses and want to work in that. My interest is Oracle based Cloud computing like Oracle sql or database. Can you suggest me what exactly cloud computing course i can start doing and which institute in Chennai can I do the course. Shall I go for IIHT in Chennai? Will I get a job after finishing Cloud computing course? Now my age is 43. What kind of job role and salary will i get? Please advise me.

  7. Hello Ajit Sir,

    I have done Cloud Computing Course from Cloud Enabled, Bangalore. Also, I have developed Private Cloud Setup for Jain College as my Final Year Project. I worked for 1 year on Web Hosting platform. Now looking for a job in our Belgaum City. So, please let me know about openings from your end. I’m eagerly searching for a job in Belgaum City.

    Konari A.

  8. Hello sir …

    Is it possible for a Computer Technical person (desktop support, networking) to get into a cloud computing jobs…
    M not a degree holder, not completed my diploma either…
    Is it possible for me to learn cloud computing… N how much will it cost me.


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