IT Belgaum celebrates its first anniversary


It was a year ago that spurted the idea of collaboration between the various IT & ITeS companies based in Belgaum. The Idea was well picked up by all companies and resulted in the formation of ITBELGAUM group where one can meet share and explore. At this moment there are 15 companies which are run by first time entrepreneurs in different aspects and streams of IT. IT-BELGAUM was set up in May 2009, at Belgaum to facilitate business and trade in software and services and to encourage software technology.

It is now a year Old, Happy Anniversary IT Belgaum!


Belgaum is a home to many small industries, colleges, universities and the human talent is huge. Belgaum has being doing estimable in the fields like foundry, health care and others but IT(information Technology) industry is lagging behind. Be it the Desur IT park or some other projects of the Government, nothing substantial has happened in the city and most of the people are unaware of IT companies that exist in the city.

To encourage and make awareness of the presence of IT companies in Belgaum a Premier Special Interest Group called IT-BELGAUM has been formed. IT-Belgaum is the premier Association of the IT-BPO companies in Belgaum.

IT-BELGAUM aims to drive the overall growth of the global off shoring market by taking up the role of a strategic advisor to the industry. Our goals include:

  1. Accelerating economic development efforts and improving local talent supply.
  2. Strengthening local infrastructure.
  3. Building cohesive partnerships and driving operational excellence.
  4. To promote IT business with local companies and to retain local talent.

IT-BELGAUM’s members and associate member companies are broadly in the business of software development, embedded systems, software services, software products, consulting services, recruitment services, BPO services, e-commerce & web services, engineering services off shoring, animation and gaming.

The group has created awareness programs and practical workshops and seminars at GIT, KLE Engineering, Potdar Ploytechinic, IMER, BCBA, KLES BCA, Gogte BCA, Jain College, BIMS in the city giving out to the talent pool what is needed in the industry and this also initiates a student-industry interaction.

With time we will also help entrepreneurs who want to come to Belgaum and set shop here, as most of the companies are started by first time entrepreneurs, their experience would be worthwhile for the new comers to town.

The IT sector in Belgaum is very encouraging. Considering the human talent around and the blooming companies which have chosen Belgaum as their Playground, it was thought of collectively coming on a single platform where all the IT companies could share their knowledge with the community and also collaborate with each other. Human resources

Management, taxation problems, INTERNET connectivity, grooming the upcoming talent in colleges are some of the points IT-Belgaum group will emphasize on.

The ITBELGAUM.COM website is a platform where one can meet, share and explore opportunities in Belgaum. This site aims to be the one stop site for your entire search or queries related to IT & ITeS firms in Belgaum, IT jobs. The site also serves an as a medium where experts will attempt to answer to your queries in the domain of IT & IteS. We also plan to enable all employees of the group companies to use this site as a platform to share their ideas and gain knowledge by collaborating. By coming together, our voices could be heard by the government as well.

In a nutshell IT-Belgaum group is a place to Meet, Share & Explore.

It is not big promises made here, we have come together to Meet, Share & Explore opportunities for a BETTER and BRIGHTER BELGAUM.



  1. Hi! IT BELGAUM!

    Wish you very happy For completing First year.And many years to go with huge success.

    As i heared SAP Education institute is at Belgaum.Is it ISO Certified?

    With Regards,

    • it is authorised centre for online SAP training, but i dont think they have any placement record cos the fact of it is new centre, one of my friend has done SAP PP from the centre (V3 IT). and regarding ISO iam not sure they have that certificate,(Mostly they dont have it) but i woould request yoou to go presonally and have a look of institute,it might help u for ur decision.

      Thanks and Regard,

    • hello shrishti

      i dont know abt the ISO certification but it is SAP Authorised training Partner Centre. located in tilakwadi near third gate.
      V3 IT consultancy .

      before going for SP course make sure that , it is authorised centre and having good placement record.


  2. AAB,
    I visited most of the companies website listed in the ITBelgaum directory. Following needs to be immediately addressed by these companies if they wish to succeed
    a) Get ISO certified, i.e we cna then trust the company has a quality management system
    b) None of companies have one convincing "service/products" that they can offer. All these companies should create some unique "service/product" and bank on it.
    Best regards


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