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IT is NOT happening

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Desur IT park land could be alloted to non IT

The KSSIDC and its foresight gave Belgaum an IT(Information Technology) park way back in 2008-09. It was an ambitious project to begin with on 41 Acres 19 guntas land at Desur on Belgaum – Panaji Road (about 500 Mtrs. off NH).

The 42 odd acres of land that has been used for this park has now all the basic amenities required like roads, water etc. The road leading to the park been also made. Till date there have been no takers for this and this entire 42 acres is lying un utilized.ITBelgaum memoto DC

Since only a few applications were received from the IT fraternity, the KSSIDC is now planning to give away part of the land to NON IT industries.

A few local companies have applied for land in the said IT park and the IT park is now no better than a grazing ground and it has only roads and cattle grazing around.itparkbelgaum

The IT companies under the banner of IT BELGAUM will submit a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries, The District Industrial Council (DIC) and also to the MD of KSSIDC urging them not to allot any land for Non IT companies.

“The IT park could be a boon for Belgaum if it was properly planned and executed, but the as there is no IT infrastructure set up as of now not many companies would be really interested in setting up shop there”, says Sandeep Hegde of DotCord IT solutions. The land has been reserved for IT and should be used for IT only is the demand of the local IT companies.

R K Patil, CEO Vayavya Labs says, “ We have waited for so long now and why cant we wait for some more time and the KSSIDC should project the Park in other cities and tell the world about the advantages of setting up shop here.” he further said, “As of today there is no other infrastructure other than roads, where as for IT we need communication/Connectivity as the major infrastructure. After opening our office if we dont get connectivity we would be useless.

After years of pursuance and efforts was now seen that few IT companies had shown interest in setting up shop at Belgaum which could have made a nascent start. However it looks govt now is bent on nipping the IT in bud!

“Slip between the cup and lip.”

Yes that seems to be the case at least with the IT- park of Belgaum. Another case to show how Govt. Projects envisaged get hijacked for a cause that benefits few vested interests that rule the masses.



10 thoughts on “IT is NOT happening”

  1. This is just another story of egg and chicken – which came the first? Companies blame the the government on the pretext of infrastructure. For past so many years it was lying vacant when none of the companies attempted to take a bold step. Now when Govt is felt with no option why crib about it?

    • @ Rajiv, I hv a different opinion. Marketing of IT is done very differently. Unfortunately Govt does not understand this. I hv been a witness to couple of road shows and notifications they have done with this regard. Also these things ( It firms coming to tier-2 cities) takes a long time it does not happen over night. So patience and commitment for long term are important.

  2. The apathy is two folds. First the IT -firms who keep saying they are looking at cost effective centers and new knowledge destinations are not seizing this opportunity. Second the real-estate sharks and lobbyist see an opportunity to grab the land which Govt had earmarked for some purpose!. Looks we need public support and visionary leaders to back the initiatives to save the IT-PARK.

  3. this was good only for the land sharks, for they have increased the rates of land like anything saying that there is soon going to be a it park here & change the scenario, which has for some middle class who cannot afford to buy a piece of land here or any where

  4. First, we need to ask the big IT players like Infy and Wipro whether they are interested to open any new business unit in other cities like Belgaum. Public and Govt should make them understand the importance of the belgaum

    Hey AAB… There has been an article saying "High speed Rail link between Belgaum and Bangalore" and the discussion is likely to be happen on 20th of this month. Is that happened?

  5. IT park news is an awakening note , really bad to see such move from KSSIDC , but I believe it is rightly assessed by RK , and some pictures you have shown ,to commit the fact , this park has most shabbiest infrastructure , some concrete roads , and some boards with cables hanging around on concrete poles, doesn’t workout.. is this an IT park..

    An IT park is just not some roads and open piece of land for companies to buy, it needs a lot more than that, first to start with an earth station or Telecom and Power infrastructure the main base requirements ,some government administrative bodies such as investment promotion single widow system, Postal and civic enmities, all this is missing , where as visionless politicians take up an eye on such land for just some future shabby investments returns as scams.

    In North Karnataka the IT setups such as Park in Hubli has also failed miserably, Tire two cities such as Vishakhapatnam , Trichurapalli and Coimbatore has done much better in terms of IT for only one reason, The infrastructure listed as 24X7 water and electricity , two to three TELCO operators with bandwidth on Demand , 24X7 Security , IT park management office in local premise ,tie ups with trade promotion councils, International level events hosting and recreation facilities.

    Government is equally responsible in failing to launch and create awareness on promoting Belgaum, since Belgaum is always on backdrop list. This pathetic government attitude towards Belgaum need to be revived as well .

    Local entrepreneurship is hardly promoted , VTU has moved all its proceeding unit to Davnegere Thanks to Mr Maheshappa the new vice chancellor , Belgaum carries so much wide scope to be developed , there can be many technological centers sighting the industrial scenario in and around Belgaum. I hope the government wakes up in time and put right people to make things happen and work.

  6. I feel that MR.Patil has good point that patience is required from Budding IT corporates and government. If either one fails to posses that patience and commitment dream of true IT Park in Belgaum never gone happen.

    Same time i feel that big giants of IT r not ready to sett up in belgaum then government should boost small and medium IT companies operating in belgaum by providing funds for lower interest rates so they can dare to make a big difference on global scale.

    And same time i feel we cant expect much support from people becoz of lack of awareness of IT business. If u ask anything about IT or IT related Business they only take names of infosys and wipro etc. Hence people need to believe that some years back these big giants started with small things . so priority shud be given to SMBs who have potential to grow and make difference on global chart.


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