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IT raids on Chindak

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Income Tax officials began investigations into assets of noted real estate dealer and business men Suresh Chindak.

IT officials were there at the premises for entire day at the residence of the Chindak brothers, Suresh and Ramesh, Maxwell Institute of English Language and also Shivgana Roller skating academy.

A detailed report is expected on Wednesday from the IT department. But sources told the blog that this was first only an inquiry which was later converted into a raid.

Documents relating to many land transactions have also been found but details are still not out.

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  1. Many such IT raids needs to happen against the brokers (So call real estate agents) who have duped people in belgaum where land is sold for very high rates than the market rates. these agents sell houses built on plots that dont have NA certificate which is illegal transaction. agents say that city survey will happen and after sakrama by paying fine the land will be converted to NA.


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