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Spundhan launches its first product BredBoard Embedded Kit

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BredBoard Embedded Kit is a platform consisting of embedded hardware and software tools that allows embedded systems enthusiasts (students, young professionals and experts alike) to design, customize and build their dream projects with ease.

“You don’t even have to be an expert in C programming. BredBoard kit allows you to quickly develop your projects (hobby projects, final year projects, corporate projects, etc.) in just a few minutes” – says Dr. Ameet Patil, CEO Spundhan.bred1

Dr. Ameet told this blog, “Embedded Systems, as a domain, offers great career opportunities today. For a newbie, it is difficult to get started with Embedded Systems without guidance. Courses on offer are highly expensive, take a long time, need full time attention and worthless if delivered by non-industry veterans. BredBoard Kit is a great alternative to quickly get you up and running with Embedded Systems.”

It is a great platform for beginners and young professionals who have set their foot on a career in Embedded Systems. BredBoard comes with some really cool demo projects that will help you gain immense knowledge about embedded hardware components, the interfacing techniques and much more. The generated code is very well documented and free for you to use. You can browse through it, read the comments to understand the process easily. BredBoard will make your learning experience not only easy but quick.

It uses standard components that you will be using all the times in your projects. The drag-n-drop interface and auto code generation feature allows experts to focus on the job in hand rather than dealing with writing code for standard components that they know how to do. An added advantage being the generated code has been thoroughly tested by our engineers and is thus bug free.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Ameet talks to AAB team and answers some useful questions on the product:

How does it work?

Dr. Ameet ——–> Typically, if you buy any embedded board in the market today, it does not come with any software CD or support from the seller. It is a pain to get such a board working forget about learning embedded systems. In contrast, Embedded Systems Development using BredBoard kit is quite simple. As shown below, you will create a visual design of the project by using BredBoard’s drap-n-drop interface. Next you will generate the code using BredBoard’s auto code generation feature and then compile and download the firmware onto the hardware board. BredBoard Software has built-in compilation capability which automatically compiles the code and also downloads the firmware onto the hardware.bred2

You can get going in three simple steps: BredBoard Design, Auto Code Generation & Auto Compilation and Firmware Download

The Design step in BredBoard forms the heart of the platform. BredBoard comes packed with several ready-to-use components such as buzzer, LED, LCD, etc. All you will need is decide on what and how many components you would need and simply can drag-n-drop those components in the software provided. Double clicking a component will allow you to make a virtual connection to the main microcontroller and if required add some additional code to perform certain custom operations.

Once the BredBoard design is ready, you are just minutes away from seeing it running on the real hardware board. BredBoard will automatically generate all the code required to make your components work and will automatically compile and download the code onto the hardware. With a few final touches and minor changes your project would be complete!

Any Sample Projects provided with the kit?

Dr. Ameet ———-> Yes. Plenty of them in fact. BredBoard kit comes packed with three different levels of sample projects:

Beginner Projects,  Intermediate Projects & Expert Projects

Beginner Projects

Beginner projects will help beginners or novice users to do simple tasks such as how to light an LED? How to display text on an LCD? How to sound a buzzer? etc.

Intermediate Projects

Intermediate projects introduce the concept of dealing with multiple components. For example: how to use an LCD in conjunction with a keypad? These projects are still simple enough to understand, but will use mutliple devices and do something meaningful. For instance, Automatically switch ON/OFF home appliances via Serial RS232 communication.

Expert Projects

Expert projects go one step further in complexity. These projects will use additional external devices such as GSM/GPRS modem, GPS receiver, ZigBee transceiver, etc. to interface and function as a collective single unit. Typical projects at this level would be SMS based home automation, Precise robotic motor controls via wireless communication, etc.

Finally, Why should students buy this kit?

Dr. Ameet ———-> If I were you, I would buy BredBoard kit for the following reasons:

Simple design based methodology and easy-to-use tools

Best way to learn embedded systems: by starting with working examples.

Comes with hardware and complete software tool chain

Cost effective compared to buying only a board that you don’t know how to use.

BredBoard 24×7 community support for all your technical issues.

Expert help on your projects via email by hardcore developers.


What is the price?

Dr. Ameet ———> The actual price is highly competitive at Rs. 7,999/- compared other embedded boards out there that DO NOT come with the simple interface and support as BredBoard.

But as an introductory offer we are giving 50% discount.

Current price with discount inclusive of all taxes is Rs. 3,999/- only. (Offer ends 30 June 2012)

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