Those speed breakers removed


On June 18 we had posted a story Speed Breaks literally which showcased the state of the newly laid speed breakers in the city. We were the first to showcase this and today THOSE speed breakers were removed totally from the SP office road sighting poor quality.

The fate of the speed breakers installed elsewhere is also the same and the others would also be removed in sometime.

Now the question arises why were these installed in the first place?

Was the material tested for these conditions?

A passer by told this blog, “Ye kaam accha hai Lagane ka bhi paisa aur nikalne ka bhi paisa.”


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    • The SP has said that the police will not pay for the speed breakers as they were of not good quality. But I think they will have to pay the labour charges for installing and uninstalling them on the roads.

  1. Feels like at least some one is reading comments posted here and specially the police who have removed the speed breakers as of now and I just hope they don’t do something like this very again.


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