12 pulley well at Hutatma Circle being revived with new 12 pulleys

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Belgaum City Corporation (BCC) rejuvenated one of the oldest wells, Baara Ghadaghadyachi Vihir, (12 pulley well), in Hutatma Chowk Belagavi.

This well was one of the main sources of water in the olden days. is one of the prominent sources of water in good old days. Hundreds of families surrounding were carrying water, while labours supplying water to business establishments from here. The well was closed by the BCC closed the well in 1974, after water the city started getting water from Rakaskop reservoir.

12pulley-well-belagaviNow as a part of the improvements to the Hutatma (Martyr’s) memorial, this well is now being fitted with 12 pulleys almost as they might have been in history. The new ones are made of steel but this will certainly increase the value of the area and this will help in reliving the old history.

The current size of the well is almost Half of the original one.

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  1. हुतात्मा चौकामधील बारा गडगड्याची विहीरप्रसिद्ध होती। मी कधी पाहिली नाही। मला आठवते, कांही वर्षांपूर्वी या विहिरीचा जीर्णोद्धार करण्यासाठी खोदकाम सुरु करण्यात आले होते। परंतु, अचानक ते काम थांबविण्यात आले। आता नूतनीकरण करून बारा गडगडे बसविले आहेत हे छान झाले। धन्यवाद!


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