A musical tribute to Indira Sant


“Indireche Arials” is a cultural programme based on the poems and life of Late Indira Sant.

The program is a fund raising event of “Runanubandh Seva Pratishthan”, Belgaum.


The event will be held on 31st July, 2010 at Raosaheb Gogte Rangamandir at 6pm.

The concept and direction is by Mrs. Swati Kulkarni. Music is directed by Nandan Herlekar and background music is composed by Shantanu Herlekar, Coreography is done Swati Kulkarni, Aditya Paranjape & Sunil Nangareall from Belgaum.

Poems of Indira Sant have been composed by Nandan Herlekar, many have been recited and have been enacted, some events in her life are also been enacted.

About Indira Sant:

Indira Sant (1914 – 2000) was a Marathi poetess from Belgaum.

She was born on January 4, 1914, as Indira Dikshit.

She studied at Rajaram College in Kolhapur, and Fergusson College in Pune where she met her future husband Narayan Sant. Four years after their marriage, the two published in 1940 a joint collection of their poems titled Sahawas (सहवास). Narayan Sant died in 1946. The pain of loss of her husband found its expression in some of her poems. The principal theme of most of her poetry is love and longing. The love of nature is also evident in her poems. Her poetry further pertains to different dimensions of a woman’s life.Sant wrote about 25 books. She worked first as a professor and then as the principal in a teacher’s training college in Belgaum.

For more details contact:

Swati Kulkarni 9900260243
Asawari Sant 9845311099
Nandan Herlekar 9448874836
Pradip Kulkarni 9448635693.



  1. Dear Sir / Madam,
    I was just going through some Belgaum News and when i came across a tribute being arranged to Mrs Indari Sant i was very pleased and happy to note and decided to reply.

    Let me first intoduce me to you, i am Rajendra Jadhav from Belgaum and i know Sant family very well as i was staying at sawarkar road since 1965, hope they remember me.

    Presently for the last 20 yrs i am working in Kuwait and staying here with my family and really it gave me very good feeling to read on this topic.

    My regards to all, especially to the organisers of this program , Mr & Mrs Ravindra Sant & Niranjan Sahib & family.

    Keep it up

    Best Regards

    Rajendra Jadhav & Family
    Kuwait –
    [email protected]


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