AARAMBH – day care centre for senior citizen at Belagavi

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Elderly citizens can relax, watch television, read books and magazines, chat and spend time with their fellow senior citizens without interruptions from anyone. In times of nuclear families and endless work hours, this gaping hole in the healthcare system has an immense impact.

A day-care and recreation centre for senior citizens has commenced operations in Belagavi, AARAMBH – Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen run by the Kalpavruksh Foundation at Vidya Nagar Angol, Belagavi.

kalpvruksha day care centre for senior citizen at BelagaviSenior Citizens and patients with Alzheimer/Dementia or the Mentally Challenged Adults need special care and with the opening of this day centre it will a boon for them.

Here, seniors are engaged in activities that cater to the varying degrees of the condition. These include physiotherapy, exercise, therapies with music and writing, brain puzzles and pet therapy.

A centre provides a safe and secure space for senior citizens to go to for solving their issues. The elderly are given care, medical assistance, emotional support, aid & advice and a space where they meet others in similar situations. The centre also acts as an outlet for senior citizens to spend time and indulge in recreation activities, outings and gatherings. Not only does this give them emotional support but also has a positive impact on their mental and physical well being.

Kalpavruksh Foundation, Home for Aged is dedicatedly working in the field of senior citizens for the past 5 years. Led by team of young professionals, AARAMBH aims to fill in this gap and give the senior citizens their own comfort zone with care.

Study conducted across the globe clearly shows that staying alone at home with or without maids, make Senior Citizens feel lonely and cause boredom. The socially disconnection directly impacts their physical and emotional well being. The urge to connect with fellow human being is the biggest Psychological need that has high potential to impact them positively if addressed properly.

The centre provides a solution to these challenges through AARAMBH and help them stay socially connected. This will enable them pro actively track and improve their Physical, Emotional well being.

This new Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen aptly named as AARAMBH is started recently at 1st cross, Vidya Nagar, Angol, Belagavi.

During the 8 hours of the day (10 am to 06 pm) various activities are planned which include physical, Emotional and Social needs of its occupants various activities and services.

Daily Vital Parameters checking by trained and qualified Nurse

Facility for Pathology test pick-up and drop

Doctor visits/Physiotherapist

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Snacks will be also provided to the Inmates.

For further details please contact : AARAMBH 1st cross, Vidya Nagar, Angol, Belagavi. Contact: 8904167708

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  1. I have to share my thoughts on this matter and the AARAMBH’s project is the needs of the time and it will help in getting support to the Sr.citizen. We wishes best for your help and support to get day Care center in BELGAVI. Thanks.

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