Belagavi cops midnight operation penalty for not wearing helmets

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by Satish Pagad

At midnight on Wednesday, senior cops along with his team were on duty and I was amazed to see why so much of police force is been deployed at one end of Kapileshwar Railway Over bridge, for moment I thought that something would have gone wrong. 

While returning back from office at 12, senior cops of ACP rank was leading the team “operation penalty” for not wearing helmet.

More than dozens of youths were caught and fined and even one youth tried to call one of his relative might be in police department for rescue.

Citizen’s of Belagavi should really appreciate this type of conviction of the cops, but it should be extended to crime detection; irony is that, so far Belagavi cops failed to trace a single clue with respect to two murder cases.

Janardhan Bhat a CCTV supplier staying near to Sadashiv Nagar was murdered into mysterious circumstances, when his wife and children were out of home. And one more case  a senior woman Bhargavi Morappanavar wife of Deputy Conservator of Forest Anand Morappanavar was strangulated, this murder case is also yet to find its motive, culprits. Here my question is, why these remained unresolved whether these are perfect crimes.

Criminology and criminal investigation never accepts perfect crime, cops of Belagavi are on the verge to this theory wrong… Kudos!

Again the Cops need to lauded that even at midnight they were collecting fines for non wearing of helmets, but they could also do it to the other traffic violations, and need not be told about the autos. They have scope to show their capability for sure, and as a citizen it is our duty to adhere to the rules, but rules must be same for all and law sees no one as big or small.

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  1. Very True. There was a women being harassed by her Drunk husband and the cops just “paid” a friendly visit on the bike doing nothing. There is traffic police for the helmet etc. Let the others concentrate on life saving matters.

    • The idea of One way’s at various Railway gates is causing more danger and inconvenience, The lengthy dividers and road blocks are useless, Walking is much preferred than vehicle for quick mobilisation. Any rule made by an Executive authorities should be convenient and reasonable to public and not the arbitrary and troublesome to the citizens.

  2. Catch the triple riders and the auto rickshaw floating all rules, same goes to the heavy duty trucks plying on the roads even though they are banned to do so during the daylight hours

  3. Instead Apply Speed limits Boards on main roads where there are Schools, heavy traffic within City.Plz for GOD sake see that BUSES go slow in order,not chasing like dogs.Remember Govt servants are for Public Greviences.

  4. Belagum police is doing a good job but i dont understand why do we need to wear a helment in the crowded market.Does that makes any sense.They catch people in the areas like maruti galli and khade bazar where people get uncomfortable with the helments in the crowd.


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