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Ajinkya’s Wavestream Studio fostering Music in Belagavi

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Belagavi has always been a safe abode for musicians and music lovers. The Music Scene here has grown to amazing heights in the past few years. From Classical, Semi Classical we had wonderful singers and musicians but what the city lacked was a full-fledged sound recording studio, for which all had to go to Kolhapur, Pune Mumbai or Bengaluru.

Ajinkya Kudturkar’s Wavestream music studio has reached dizzying heights within a short span of time. Founded in the year 2014 in Belagavi, the studio has virtually created waves in the field of music, attracting talented musicians, singers from Belagavi and its surrounding areas like Hubli, Sankeshwar, Kolhapur, Chikkodi etc, who got their songs and albums recorded in the studio.

He has pioneered the new age of recording with the latest technology and world-class equipment at his studio which is situated at Kudturkar compound, near 2nd gate, Tilakwadi Belagavi.

Ajinkya Kudturkar’s Wavestream music studio

Wavestream music studio has been providing ambient and aesthetic experience to all the music and film lovers in Belagavi since it’s inception.

Being in a cozy tier two city, Ajinkya has made it progressive in the field of Sound Engineering by working hard as if in a Metro. Coming from a middle-class family where only engineers or doctors are dreamt by elders, Ajinkya listened to his heart and made everyone around him to make time for Music.

Ajinkya has been professionally working in the sound industry and now with his studio, he aspires to give a desire to waves of dreams of talented musicians and artists and give proper beats of timing and synchronization to everyone’s requirements

Ajinkya Kudturkar’s Wavestream music studioSpeaking to AAB, Ajinkya said, Belagavi has the best talent; be it music, singing, voice over or arranging music. But they never had the scope of recording their songs or albums, but with all the facilities under one roof, it becomes very easy for the aspiring artists to have their own albums and showcase their talent to the world.

Wavestream studio kept working on various music and film projects in Belagavi and the mouth publicity, the projects multiplied every day.

Fine tuning, mixing, cleaning small disturbance and making the voice operate at its best is the motto of wavestream studio. After music and film projects, even voice-overs also approached the studio for interactive voice response services.

I have recorded over 500 voice response services in the past year and there are many in the pipeline, this also gives scope to those voice over artists who could not showcase their talent elsewhere.

Ajinkya Kudturkar’s Wavestream music studio

When asked about hardships, he said making full-time career into this field itself was one of the biggest leaps of faith which I took in the early stage of life. Apart from this, wearing multiple hats in the studio as a sound engineer, mixing-mastering engineer, music producer, composer is the biggest challenge. Usually, in major studios, all these roles are played by different individuals, but in our city, we really don’t have so many people making it full-time audio engineering. Hence, I had to learn and do it all by myself, over the time it has become easy for me and I can do all this alone without any hassles.

The studio now has a good team of voice over artists like Abhijeet Jayantrao Deshpande, Anuja Prakash Tinaikar.
Projects for voice over are coming in from metro cities well, this only proves that our quality of the recording is the one of the best in the industry, Ajinkya Added.

The studio has accomplished over 120 music projects including covers and originals. One of the recent project that was the cover of the Bollywood song Dhadak received lots of appreciation and love from all over India.

Contact: 8553108229

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