Shimla tour of Corporators to cost Corporation 14.4 lakhs

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The corporators of the Belagavi city Corporation had been to Shimla on a study tour from 25 to 30 September and now they have submitted a bill of the expenses made by Pace travels to the tune of 14.40 lakhs.

The bill will have to be approved by the accounts department as yet. Now will this bill be passed by the accounts department or will it be discussed in the meeting is to be seen.


46 persons were scheduled to go, while only 40 made it to the tour in actual, reports Sakal. It was expected that a hiked bill would be presented and the same has occurred.

The corporators traveled by VRL bus from Belagavi to Mumbai and back. They flew from Mumbai to Chandigarh and back and took a bus to Shimla from Chandigarh. They also could not go to Kullu Manali due to bad weather.

3 thoughts on “Shimla tour of Corporators to cost Corporation 14.4 lakhs”

  1. Now please implement whatsoever good you people studied and learnt there. Had the trip been extended to Kullu, bill would have shot up to 20 lacs.

  2. I don’t understand what will they learn from going that far… I mean we have heavy rainfall to manage here not snowfall like Shimla Kulu Manali… They just went for a picnic in the name of education tour at the expense of govt. Better they would have gone to Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore. Even Mysore, they manage their tourism and cleanliness better than rest of cities.. they could have learnt a lot there…

  3. Why not swiss 😉
    Swiss is more beautiful and well managed than Shimla. I suggest the corporator take up study tour to Swiss next time. And in case their learning is inadequate then to some Scandinavian country the following time.


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