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Belagavi technocrat designs Robot

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In the era of fastest growing technology, technocrats know no limit to reach the zenith of innovations. If one has the determination to apply the knowledge one has gained during the entire student hood, budding engineers reach the right place in making the world a more comfortable place to live. Karan Birje, an Engineering student from KLE Sheshagiri Engineering college, Belagavi is all set to make his mark in the field of Robotics.

Karan Birje
Karan Birje

Karan has designed a transformer- a kind of robot which has a mechanism to get transformed into some other form completely rarely leaving signs of the previous form. In the interaction with him, Karan said he was inspired by the movie “Transformers” to design his model. He has named it ‘Transformer Knight’. It is a car capable to transform itself into a robot and vice versa. It’s operated hydraulically and electrically. He began the design with the first outcome that was completely electrical; later a completely hydraulic one.

After thorough operational analysis both times, he developed a transformer using blending the two systems.

The transformer knight is currently a beta version. Usually it requires a great financial backing for using appropriate materials in its production; but Karan has made best use of waste- recycled materials for his first model design. The apprentice aims at upgrading his creation to include more useful features. “I failed many times during this process, but that only boosted my dedication to reach the perfection at where the Knight stands today”, expresses Karan.

The transformer can be used in disaster management; military applications. Thus it has potential to serve for a social cause. It can be used for day-to-day applications too.

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