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‘LEAD Valedictory at Belagavi’

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Best Event of the year LEAD Exodus GITLEAD Program in the academic year of 2014-15 has got 1400 members who have completed 850+ LEADership projects and touched lives of 6 lakh in the Belagavi,Chikodi, Nippani and Khanapur. Thus Valedictory function is celebrated on 23rd April at Belgaum to commemorate the hard work, innovation and achievement of young leaders in this particular year.

Guests of Honor of the valedictory function were Mr. Kanvarjit Singh, V. P Technology Tejas Networks, Col. P. S. Gupta, Deputy Director TSSC, Mr. Naveen Jha, CEO Deshpande Foundation, Dr. A. S. Deshpande, Pricipal KLS GIT.


15+ Awards will be given to young LEADers for exhibiting their leadership skills in various domains. Uniqueness of this Valedictory Ceremony is, unlike ceremonies where dignitaries are appreciated, in this valedictory ceremony

About LEAD

The LEAD Program of the Deshpande Foundation, Hubli, Karnataka fosters innovative and entrepreneurial thinking within college students by exposing them to social issues, encouraging them to volunteer their time and effort into the community, and igniting their latent talent to come up with creative solutions.  Through the unique platform provided by LEAD, more than 23,000 students from more than 100 partnering colleges throughout Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are implementing bold solutions to big problems in their communities while simultaneously building their self-confidence and developing important leadership skills.


Name College Award
Sagar Santaji GIT Best Initiative in Education
Pavan Bajantri JCE Best Initiative in Sports
Pundaraj MMEC Best Technical initiatives
Santosh,Pavan,Pallavi,Akshay,Saif,Emithi,Shona,Bhakti,Jayesh JCE Best initiative in safety
Yuvaraj D Patil VSMIT, Nipani Most Initiative Taken
Santosh Patil JCE Best LEAD Ambassador
Santosh Kambar KLE BBA Khanapur Best Initiative in Water Conservation
Ravina JCE Best social sensitize
Shivaprasad Sannakki GIT Dedicated LEADer
Poonum Nesaragi JCE Best Initiative in Livelihood
Shilpa Khot AA Patil Women’s college Chikodi Best Initiative in Health
Shushmita and Basavaraj GIT and KLECET Best Social Media Ambassador
Samarth and Team CBALC CBALC  For encouraging police and their service
Prof Rajendra Galagali,Harshit & MS Nagarale JCE,GIT and AA Patil Best Faculty promoting the LEADership in college students
The most creative and promosing teams JCE and KLECET The most creative and promising teams
AA Patil Women’s College AA Patil Women’s college Chikodi
Best Community Initiatives



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