Belagavi city map of 1894



Belgaum_1894_Belgaum_MapI have just found a Belagavi city map of 1894 from the Bombay Gazetteer.

The image was in a pdf file & of low resolution and is not very clear.

Thanks, Mr.Vilas Patil has made the present version on the image much viewable a Belgaumite, now working in Pune.

Belagavi in 1894 and now has changed. I request all the readers to send in their comments as to what changes they have found in that map and the current Belagavi.

See large size image here


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  1. Belgav has slowly lost its charm/Culture in last 10 used to be so green and non polluted…but gradually its loosing the tag of “Gariba cha Mahabaleshwar” (Poor Mans Hill Station ) The development has to happen in the right direction like any infrastructure projects/.Their has to be a vision in developing the city..

  2. Sometime I feel better not go grow like Bangalore Mumbai and I love Belagavi the way it is.. 🙂

    Same here.

    It should be as it is. My city belgaum.. Staying in Bangalore but will return soon.

  3. Agreed with Dhiraj. nothing has been changed . instead of development only name changed to Belgavi that’s it. Its my request that better this question can ask to local politics leader and state politics leader. They know better than us what is the status of Belgaum.

  4. All states and main cities have changed name long back… So it’s not big deal in change in name of city but infact good. With years going by Belagavi has grown a lot but still it has not grown to extent it suppose to be, there are many reasons… Sometime I feel better not go grow like Bangalore Mumbai and I love Belagavi the way it is.. 🙂

  5. Near the fort, its same.. But rest is different. May b because its hand-drawn map so not accurate..
    Anyways thanks..

  6. I dont think belgaum has changed in any way its the same no big industry people are with same old attitude, no nig it companies and all over big talk with government people come and promise big deals. all bull shit , belgaum is going worst its not a business hub it is surely a educational hub.


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