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Belgaum Karaoke Club


Belgaum_Karaoke_Clubsf late Karaoke Singing is gaining popularity amongst amateurs and professional singers alike. Typically,  in Karaoke  you sing by superimposing your voice over Karaoke Tracks. Karaoke Tracks are original sound tracks of songs with human voice removed. Many types of Karaoke Systems are available in the market today. These systems even help you learn, improve and evaluate your singing skills.

Recently “Belgaum Karaoke Club” was formed to bring together by amateur Karaoke enthusiasts of Belgaum and to provide them a platform and infrastructure to hone their singing skills. The group meets once a month.

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The founder members of this club are Jeevan Khatav, Vandana Majali, Rajesh Deshpande, Prabhakar Shahapurkar, Mahesh Tendolkar, Swati Kulkarni, Padmaja Pai, Pallavi Samant and Anant Nadgouda.

Any person with previous experience of Karaoke or Solo Singing can join the club.
Contact Convener Jeevan Khatav on 9449046840 or email: jeevankhatav [at]gmail.com




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