Brewberrys coffee lounge open


Belgaum is getting the taste of urban India now. After Cafe Coffee day its now turn of Brewberrys, the Gujarat based company to launch its flagship coffee lounge in Belgaum at Nucleus mall.

The Coffee lounge has Unlimited wi-fi, Fast food, Snacks, Sundaes, Hookah, Chessboard and more.

Brewberrys Hospitality Pvt Ltd (BbH), which operates the Brewberrys chain of cafes in India. The Vadodara-based cafe chain is banking on the franchisee model to gain further scale and depth in its operations.

Photo Credits: Chaitanya Paranjape and Website



  1. I wish the youth of Belgaum didnt have to be spoilt by this hookah culture. Really such a waste of time, money and downslide of values

  2. ….." Good Interiors"… – Interiors are done by a young and talented architect from Belgaum, Ar. Saleem Totad, he's also designing my home.. I'm happy looking at the "Good Interiors" comments..

  3. That looks good for Belgaum. wish to see its success and many more such flagship stores coming to Belgaum. thanks Uday for posting such a great news.

  4. clearly its a great concept & it luks good but its d people and d f&b's that'l help make it a success..hope it lives up! good job aab 4 keeping us utd!

  5. All is great about belgaum,its beauty,its modern culture ,beautiful city , beautiful people . Belgaum is really a heavan

  6. Wowow… so happy .. belgaum is delveloping.. not bad.. will ve to vist the place soon …. ahahah at last .. sme gud place to hang out ././hope they keep the standards ….. pretty good… hurray to belgaum… !!
    Cant say much about the place thou … but interior looks osum…


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