BSNL launches Wimax Internet services in Belgaum

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BSNL in the last fortnight launched its WI MAX internet services to the public of Belgaum. WiMAX is a unique technology being deployed by BSNL for the first time in India. This technology provides fixed as well as fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity alongwith roaming feature.

To access Wimax one needs to get the indoor or outdoor CPE like a modem (USB option also available) . The advantages of Wimax is that there are no cables like in broadband dsl and hence you also get mobility.

The normal range of Wimax is about 4 kms in Urban areas and about 15 kms in Rural areas and speed varies from  256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

One can buy the CPE or pay a rental and there are unlimited plans for Rs750 with 512 kbps speeds. Rentals start from Rs.250 a month. Also there is a pay in advance option.

For entire tariff see this page.

Benefits of WiMAX?

Convenience: You can move around the CPE device and get the Internet access everywhere in your home, and in the office. And you can subscribe only one connection for both office and home use.

No Wire Required: No Wire, No Telephone connection required.

Quick setup & activation: WiMAX setup and activation are quick and fast. You don’t have to wait for telephone running.

Quality connection: Using WiMAX you can browsing at a very good speed.

Requirements for Wimax: A  desktop or laptop computer with Ethernet card and the wireless device i.e. CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). CPE can be purchased from BSNL or can be provided on monthly rent as you apply for WiMAX connection.

If you are interested just fill this form online here and you will get a confirmation SMS from BSNL with the name of the person and his name who will contact you for your interest in the BSNL service.

9 thoughts on “BSNL launches Wimax Internet services in Belgaum”

  1. Had this while living in Goa. Hated every minute of it! Honestly. Was so excited to have other options once moving to Belgaum.

    Service would cut out too often and had bad experiences interacting with the BSNL customer care.

    Love my internet via Airtel landline connection. I recommend this as a stronger alternative.

    Whatever you do, make sure you try out the Wimax before making any commitments to it. And also try out what Airtel offers for the same price. Then you can make your decision.

    That is my two cents.

  2. Well My parents applied for wifi Broadband connection last week, and BSNL replied they they won't get a modem for 3 months, hence had to buy externally on thier own for Rs 2,300.
    Also, this Wimax idea is crap, why can't BSNL erect wireless hubs around the city to cater to everybody, this is how it works in UK. So you can autmatically connect to internet with your phone, laptop wherever you go. The hub recognises your unique MAC address or IP address whatever you call it hence security is not compramised.

  3. There was article in a newspaper that BSNL wants to give Wi-Max spectrum back to Govt and asking for refund. For two reasons 1) Take Off has not been good 2) others who BWA license are launching on LTE which gives speed of 100mb/s down and in next version of LTE it is 1gb/s down. Tikona is offering similatr feature in Hubli on Wi-Bro (korean technology)

  4. Dear Sir,
    BSNL – we belive it as a very big orgnisation. But people are not good to give knowledge and co-operation for new people like private organisations like airtel, tata, reliance etc.
    Few days back i bought 3 G Datacard Prepaid from bsnl for Rs. 2100/- and re-charged with Rs. 403 for 1 GB for one month plan. Within 3 hours card exhausted. When i enquire the person of bsnl from whom i bought the card, he siply replied now your card is used 1 gb. I said how it is sir. He replied at that time even browing the internet also get charged. Tell me how a parents of collage boys can afford such a plan. These people have no courtesy to explain in details and give the knowledge for good and viable plans. Now to whom i can sell this dongle of Rs.2100/-. I so much upset for this act, what a salaried people can do.? I am fearing wether to go for BSNL WiMAX Rs.750/- unlimited plan or think of some other alternative. Please guide me sir, it is my humble request for you. Thanking you.

  5. I Have a 512KBps plan. but my download speed isnt going above 50kbps. BSNL landline is a better option. But Airtel is the best

  6. can anybody tel me how is bsnl wimax? download speed and browsing speed for 750 rs plan? I heard bsnl closing its wimax service is it true? I m purchasing new wimax data card plz help me..thank u..

  7. This stupid ppl..are ruining our country
    Bsnl is a government service but they r not giving us wired broadband connection..bcoz they dnt want to work..i m requesting them to pls give me broadband connection for studies but still silly reasons we cnt give u take wireless only..jab padhega india tabhi badega india.ghanta padhai karne denewale hai ye ….


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