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Contemporary dance courses

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“I love dancing the Contemporary way and I will dance till my last”, says Girish Kamanuri a young dancer from Belgaum.

Girish decided to come back to his home land (Belgaum) and take further his career in dancing with his company ZeroG centre for performing arts.

He will now offer courses in contemporary, hip hop & b-boying which will be a 6 month course. Dance aspirants who are interested in learning these dance forms and who cant afford the fees, Girish promises a free one year training.

Venue: ZERO G dance company

Shalgar Apartments , Acharya galli, Shahpur, Belgaum.

Contact – 9538263668 , 9343420468 Emaill – [email protected] 

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    • @ prasad..:-) thank you so much… But that one year course s free for those who got atleast bit of dance thing in their body language and cannot afford paying fees..:-)


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