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Couple enter into wedlock at an Orphanage

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A lavish wedding is everyone’s dream wedding. However, there are exceptions who believe spending money on guests who only come for food and expensive clothes that won’t be worn again are a colossal waste of money. Instead, they try to make use of their wedding funds for the betterment of society. 

There are couples who do a simple wedding at a temple or at home and gift the money for some social cause.
But in Belagavi a couple decided to get married at an Orphanage only and make the children of the orphanage their Barati.

maraige-orphanageGajanan ( and Snehal Mane who have been visiting the orphanage decided to hold their marriage at the premises of the Orphanage only and not at a hall or a temple.

Gajanan and Snehal’s marriage was concluded at the Mahesh Foundation Care Home, Ashakiran. The newly wed couple wanted to spend time with the orphaned children, who had never attended a marriage.

All the guests, limited in number arrived at the Ashakiran home and the couple started a new chapter in their life.

The newly wed gifted the Orphanage with some goodies. 

By such novel initiatives the stigma attached to such children can be removed.

7 thoughts on “Couple enter into wedlock at an Orphanage”

  1. Congratulations and very good initiative on the couple’s part by making the orphanage children feel welcome and part of society. Good and positive things are happening all around belgaum. I appeal to the AAB editor and Mahesh foundation, please conceal the identity of minor childrens.

  2. Request To Editor:
    When ever you post such article, it would be good if you specify the Address/location of the Orphanage.
    So that the reader can plan to visit and do what they can.


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