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Vadgaon Mangai Jatra

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According to the rituals set by the ancestors of the Vadgaon village, the God of the village is to be presented with these chicks. One could spot one of those vendors selling chicks at Rs.5 each.

Once you reach the temple the chicks you have brought with you are supposedly to be tossed on to the roof of the temple!

The small chicks were being sold for Rs.5 each and last year as well the price was the same. When one goes to buy you are handed over 2 chicks for Rs.10 for want of change. Some people also offer big Chickens but their number is very less.

IMG 2435
The crowds near the Temple

IMG 2440

IMG 2454IMG 2456IMG 2461It normally rains on the day of the Jatra (fair) but this time it was dry and sunny and huge crowds had gathered on the occasion. The view was a complete Jatra view with vendors selling all items on the road en route the temple like toys, balloons, bindis, bangles, dishes,plates, show items and many more.

Photos: Team AAB

2 thoughts on “Vadgaon Mangai Jatra”

  1. AAB.., thank a lot for uploading the pics.., i was really missing that temple and the crowdy environment …………….., but the pics refreshed my old memories

  2. Wondering how God can be pleased by tossing helpless chicks over the temple, something more humane should be done to appease God. Most of these chicks wouldnt survive.


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