Deepawali ‘Sparks’ in Flight

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by RK Patil

While the slogan of season is “’Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai, Aage Badh Raha Hai”, the politicians of our times seems to be out of sync.

When will our politicians learn to be just COMMON people? When will they start stop thinking like they are the descendants of lord to rule over masses?

I was witness to yet another skirmish that happens so often at our airports. It was a flight SG 1027 bound from Bengaluru to Belagavi (30-Oct-2016).

The flight was almost full and one of the passenger happened to be the MLA and minister (in ruling Govt). He was already on a second batch of passengers to board the aircraft and discovers that he has no luggage room (mind you it is a small Bombardier plane). Happens quite often because the passengers, who board earlier used up most of luggage space.

diwali-spark-rk spicejetSo our minister is bit unnerved as he does not get his so called reserved space to keep luggage. He then tries to throw his weight and urges the cabin crew that his bag needs to be kept the overhead space above his seat! The crew politely replies that the baggage will be accommodated and the person can’t demand baggage place.

When the minister realized that the crew is not taking cognisance of his position he gets into some what abusal tone and language. While all this drama unfolds there are one or two co-passengers (better to call them minister’s chamachas) who try to intervene and educate the crew as to who is the gentleman they are talking with ( the minister!). But the crew insisted that every passenger is equal and they can not accord special treatment just for casual reason. While the verbal battle continues, looks some sense prevails and the minister realized that if he continues to air his voice then matters could go out of control and he shuts up.

If this thing had happened anywhere outside(India) I am pretty sure the minister(or who ever it might have been) would have been de-planed as a security threat in air!

Kudos to the crew who showed to the politician that he can not take shit from anyone and he means his duty!

Dear politicians please learn to be polite and be ‘grounded’ at least when you are in company of common people. There are areas and people in this country who are not part of your fiefdom and in no way liked to be your chamachas (like the one follow you on your entourage)!

Thought a selfie with crew of the day is worthy a cause and special for me on this festival of lights ….may likes of your tribe grow in India.

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  1. I admire the behavior of the crew. Quietly they put the minister in his place. This would never be tolerated in the west. It seems that dadagiri is the order of the day!


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